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  1. Tapco SAW A-5 Stock FS FT FST

    07 May 2009 - 07:02 PM

    Posted Image

    Well there it is, make me an offer
    I take paypal
    I will say price is 55$ OBO shipped and paypaled

    PM Me for a resopnes, I prolly wont check this thread much
  2. Assault shotgun, and all sorts of Kalashnikovs, Much LoLz ensued

    10 April 2009 - 09:22 PM

    So after class yesterday this is what we decided to do, it was much fun. I am the guy with the PASGT helmet and blue Jeans, and all the buildings we shot were mine.

    The shotgun we were dumping mags through is a saiga12 12guage shotgun, it has a 13rd mag. The other guns are a Eubanks AK pistol, a Romanian RPK, a Romy underfolder AK, and a SIG 556 SWAT

    BTW, flack Jackets and helmets were worn not only to look totaly cool and hardcore(lulz) but also because we were shooting 1/4'' steel plate to see how diff calibers penetrated it. 9mm was the only handgun caliber to do any noticeable damage at all, all rifle calibers pierced it with ease.

    Check the video out, leave some comments if you are abl to PlZ!!!

    fun fact, when you make a video and the description box includes that you are doing unsafe acts with firearms, some questional in their semi auto, you probally shouldnt post it here.
    wit wuv
  3. Kneed a Knew Pocket Knife

    08 April 2009 - 08:18 AM

    So I lost my trust old kershaw blackout on a caving trip a few weeks back, I have been making due with a Spyderco for now but I want a new knife. I am really partial to kershaw stuff but I am open to anything made in the USA(big requirment, and why i wont buy Buck anymore). I also liked the assisted opening really well, but it isnt a requirment if the thing has a really smooth action. I also like straight edges, no serration, too hard to sharpen

    so anyhow throw some suggestions out, help me find what I need :)
  4. cocker T-boards

    28 March 2009 - 10:11 PM

    Saw this today. SD had cocker eblade boards and ego boards for 10 bucks apiece, i had to order a few!! too good of a price.

    Got a board for my new ebladed superstock, wanted to get the yakuza but hey, I can live with a board that is almost as good and1/10th the price :)

    BTW anyone have any experience with them??
  5. Tomorrow

    27 February 2009 - 11:33 PM

    Tomorrow the last of my E-cockers goes to its new home with one of my friends, I'm sad to see it go :( , so I mae a thread about it. I have know the nw owner for a good while, and I know he will take care of it, in fact I will prolly do most of the heavy maintenance on the thing :(

    But i digress(interesting word huh? ), I will be using a mech cocker or a phantom from now on. My mech gun is an pld 32 degrees cocker from back in the day, and it is possibly the coolest Blue to pink to purple fade ever made. I am using stock pneus from a new style black magic,except for the three way, which I am pretty sure is an old STO that I polished the internals. It actually has a really smooth trigger pull and the gun just shoots nice alltogether.

    I am going to replace a few parts though

    -I want a slider frame, what are some cheap but good ones?
    -3-way, thinking a belsales or a ST Bomb
    -lpr, prolly will go back to a PPS, since I use co2 sometimes
    -ram, prolly whatever cheap chrome ram I can find
    -and lastly a bolt, the one in it now is a old aluminium venturi bolt, thinking of something in delrin but not sure what

    Basically just getting the old girl back in good playing shape for the summer, I think I will be limited to mech only this year.

    Posted Image


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    23 Oct 2007 - 18:54
    word up randy, ive finally got back on spec ops. woot woot. lets work on getting us a team pronto!! sound like a plan
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