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  1. In Topic: Clowns vs Zombies!!!

    08 October 2013 - 01:30 PM

    A bunch of my FGD brethren will be there. They said it was one of the best games they ever went to last time they went!
  2. In Topic: Winterizing

    23 November 2012 - 04:14 PM

    One thing my group has been doing in the winter is brining out a 12X12 canopy, and shrink wraping the sides, with a little space heater inside. paint stays warm, tanks stay warm, somones pants usualy end up crisping a bit due to them getting a little to close to the space heater.

    What we would do before that was to just leave a vehicle running, with the heater on full blast with re-circulate. keeps it nice and balmy in there, and like the guy above me said, you just swap out your pods every game, and leave your gun and hopper in the car between games. One guys car can heat up six guys gear.

    There are a bunch of tricks to getting co2 to work right, all of them cost $............ save yourself the hasstle and buy an HPA tank....
  3. In Topic: Landing Zone Invasion of Normandy

    25 April 2011 - 03:32 PM

    Wow! Has it been 6 years? That's crazy. I still tell Jason and Bryan how sweet last rights was all the time. Did your parents go through with selling that property? That first HALO game was the bomb though. I think that was the only time I have seen a zombie mission worked into a big game. Pure awsomeness!
  4. In Topic: Landing Zone Invasion of Normandy

    20 April 2011 - 05:28 PM

    Wow, switching it up! I like it!

    I think I ran through my whole vest in the first ten minutes if I remember right last time i played the german side. Think I'll have to bring up a second case for this one. I don't even think I got hit. Just had to call myself cuz I was out of paint.
  5. In Topic: Port Huron BIG Game 7

    03 April 2011 - 07:43 AM

    Yup game stuff is all fianalized, as promised.... Here are the game details!

    Players will be divided into two teams. Players will choose their own team at sign up. We will even out the teams if need be. There will be pods with perks scattered throughout the field, once a player finds the pod, they can use the code inside the pod to activate the perk. They must call the code in to their command center or physicly bring the code in if they do not have a radio.

    Air Insertion: Drop as many guys as you want wherever you want.
    Upon radioing, or reporting in with the proper authentication code, an airborne transport will be dispatched from a location of the teams choosing, going to a destination of their choosing. Players will be able to change the route in flight. Grenades can be thrown from the transport, players can not shoot from the transport.

    Med Kits: A player becomes a medic. He can heal your guys if they get shot.
    Upon presenting the perk, with proper authentication code, the player will be given a specific armband. The player that has the medic kit perk can revive fallen teammates If he treats their wounds within one minute of their injury. Wounded players that want to be revived must kneel in place with one arm raised, and call out for the medic. Players that suffer a head shot can not be revived.

    Nuclear Strike: Take out a base
    Upon radioing, or reporting in with the proper authentication code, a nuclear strike will carried out against the a base of your choosing. Once the base is destroyed losing all of the points accumulated at that base.

    Special Espionage Mission: Find it and complete the mission for a big team bonus.

    Details are classified.


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    In My Sights 

    11 Jun 2008 - 13:25
    Uhm... I don't know how to tell you this; but I'm kind of a big deal around here!
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    06 Apr 2008 - 15:08
    Hey, that was a good game saturday.
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    andrew sarles 

    09 Jul 2007 - 00:01
    Inever thought tom d. would give up beer!I think he gave up his paintball chair too!(lol)
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    04 Jun 2007 - 12:53
    If you loses anymore weight he will be able to hide behind the telephone poll
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