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  1. Shadow Wars "The Knights Deception"

    13 January 2013 - 02:03 PM

    Hurricane Paintball Park

    770 Hurricane St SW, Palm Bay, Florida 32908



    A 24hr Scenario produced by Kerry "WarHawk" Griffin (Shadow Wars is a Duncans Games Scenario Event)

    In Seattle, Ares Macrotechnology is developing a new high powered pulse laser beam weapon, the problem they are having has to do with the limits to the battery capacity, in order to make the weapon man portable, and issues with the capacitor due to the rapid cycle of the pulses. Rather than try to re-invent the wheel, Ares is planning on “acquiring” these technologies from Shiawaze corporation. Shiawaze has just recently completed development of new nano-capacitors and is in the process of completing development of new high power battery using xenon-diflouride as the base. Shiawaze, however, has also heard rumors about Ares’ new pulse laser and is attempting to “procure” the designs for usage in some of their nuclear reactor plans.

    Players Briefing - 11 A.M. 6 April 2013
    Game Starts at Noon
  2. Duncan's Games "Battle of New Orleans"

    05 January 2013 - 09:02 AM

    November 2nd & 3rd, 2013
    Old River Paintball Park

    The year is 2013 the Mistick Krewe of New Orleans has been attacked by the South Ward Voodoo Clan. Jock la Kornish Leader of the South Ward Voodo Clan has been busy trying to force the Mistick Krewe of New Orleans to pay a “city tax” to the Clan to continue to do business along Bourbon Street. The Krewe however has ties with the Baton Rouge French Mafia, who are not interested in seeing the Clan run “The Street”
    Joc Le Bourbon of the Krewe has begun a vengeful campaign against the Clan.

    Entry Fee: $50.00 Event Paint: $50.00
    Event Air: One $10.00 (or more) Toy Toys for Tots


  3. Shadow War II Old River Paintball Sept 1st & 2nd 2012

    03 March 2012 - 02:30 PM

    Shadow WarsII

    The Dragon’s Gambit

    Old River Paintball Park & Duncan's Games present Shadow Wars II "The Dragon's Gambit"

    A Kerry "Warhawk" Griffin Directed Event

    For information contact


    oldriverpaintball@gmail.com duncan@duncansgames.com headreferee@duncansgames.com for more info

    1-353-288-5840 1-813-480-2876

    China based Wuxing Corporation has its eyes set on quite a few very powerful Native American magical artifacts and relics.
    Being the leading corporation in magical products and research, Wuxing has driven its Seattle corporate enclave into a fury to push into the Salish-Shidhe Council lands to search for these Artifacts and “procure” them.
    The Leader of the tribal lands, Chief Harold Grey Bear through various sources found out about the incoming attack. Chief Grey Bear has a quite a few favors owed to him by the dragon Lofwyr. He called those favors in to get the dragon’s, and the dragon’s corporation, help in repelling these foreign invaders.
    Lofwyr, the draconic Owner and CEO of Germany based Saeder-Krupp Corporation, the largest corporation in the world, have sent his best men to help his old friend, Grey Bear.
  4. Shadow War

    12 February 2012 - 05:49 AM

    The Nanite Conspiracy
    April 21st & 22nd, 2012

    The first of the Shadow Wars series, pits Aztechnology,an evil and profit motivated corporation, against one of the last remaining honest, as far as corps go, corporations left on earth, Evo Corporation.

    Having learned of Evo Corp’s new advanced nanite, Aztechnology has hired Shadow runners to spy on EvoCorp as well as steal, if possible, the neo-tech.

    Join Hurricane Paintball Park,as they present the Duncans Games Produced event featuring Kerry "Warhawk" Griffin as the special game producer.

    To sign up and get the game costs, go to: www.hurricanepaintballpark.com the Shadow Wars link will be on thr upper right side.

  5. Duncans Games 3rd Annual Heart Gallery Fund Raiser

    22 October 2011 - 05:41 AM

    Hi-Tec Paintball
    Duncans Games & Tampa Training Centers
    3rd Annual Heart Gallery Fund Raiser

    St. Patricks Run

    Saturday March 10th, 2012 thru Sunday March 11th, 2012

    The O’Malley and O’Leary clans have been neighbors for over 300 years. They swore to be loyal friends thru-out both good and bad times. They raised children together, harvested crops side by side. It seems that they would endure together for a lifetime.
    Then into the village of Mayo into the Townlands came an old leprechaun, telling stories of great riches, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The find the gold one only needed to find the great map.
    As the clans spoke of the riches, and gold, the stories grew with great leaps and bounds. Only one clan can posses the treasure. If you can find the pot of gold it might be yours says the Leprechaun.


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