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  1. A Paintball Physics Question

    10 April 2010 - 05:23 PM

    A paintball physics word problem for all you math or science people out there:

    Jack and Tom are playing paintball in their backyard. Jack wants to shoot Tom, who is standing perfectly still 100 yards away. A 0.68 caliber paintball leaves the barrel of a paintball marker at 300 feet per second, and weighs approximately 3 grams. Assume the yard is perfectly level, there is no wind today, it is 60 degrees Fahrenheit out, and that this is all happening at sea level. Also assume (for the sake of argument) that Jack’s paintball marker shoots extremely straight and accurately, the trajectory affected only by gravity and air density/wind resistance. At what angle will Jack need to aim his marker to successfully lob the shot across the yard and hit Tom?

    What about at a distance of 75 yards? 150 yards? What if Jack is shooting against a light breeze of 5 miles per hour? Show your work!