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  1. Battle for Normandy Game

    07 June 2008 - 02:52 PM

    Battle for Normandy July 12, 2008 at Warpaint Outdoor, in Salem Oregon

    Fight for: “Queen and Country” as well as “Mom and Hot Apple Pie” As an Ally!
    Fight for: “Might is right” and for “The Father Land” As an Axis!

    Choose a side, Join the fight, carry the day, and to the victor: “Goes the spoils of war!”

    Game 1 You are fighting a losing war. In 1936, Ethiopia falls, 1938 Austria gives into German rule, 1939 Czechoslovakia falls and Poland is invaded, 1940 Denmark and Norway are invaded, 1940 France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are invaded too, Holland surrenders. Four years of fighting has left Europe in shambles. The Axis powers just keep pushing forward and nothing is slowing or stopping their advance. France is on the verge of collapse and the Americans still refuse to enter the war. All of the British forces including you have been driven back to Dunkirk. The Germans are knocking down your front door and your back is to the sea. Your only hope of survival is to evacuate on board a ship heading to England! There you will help with the preparations to defend agents the invasion of Britain, which is sure to come.

    Game 2 In 1941 the Germans are still driving you back in all of British’s territories. Greece just fell and now they are heading towards Africa. To slow down their advance, British forces need to delay them at Crete. Crete is a vital stepping-stone to the Germans for their African campaign. They don’t have the naval power to do a massive sea invasion, but they do have the air power to spear thrust paratroopers in first, then do a naval landing. You have to some how managed to take out the paratroopers before they can secure airfields.

    Game 3 June 6 1944, the invasion of occupied Europe has begun. If staying on board ship for the last three days wasn’t bad enough, then the crossing of the English Channel in one of the worst storms was. This mission to take back Europe is not off to a good start. The squad that you are in is to storm the beach and secure the heights looking over them so that tanks and supplies can be delivered to the front lines. Although the Luftwaffer is no longer a threat, the pillboxes and gun batteries are. This won’t be easy, but it must be done. You must get through the barbwire and run off the beach as fast as you can! Your experience tells you that the beaches are going to be a killing ground and the less time you are on the beach, the less likely you will become a casualty.

    Game 4 The war has cost millions. The Allies are looking for a quick and decisive strike to end the war and bring the boys home before Christmas. Montgomery has developed a brilliant plan to do just that! It calls for three decisive strikes to hold three key bridges that lead to the heart of the German industrial war machine. It is up to you to pull off this daring and highly risky maneuver. You must first parachute into a key location and hold it until the armored division across your bridge. The logistics are a nightmare; but you must quell your own doubts and keep a stiff upper lip. Success depends on you.

    Game 5 After battling the German push in the Arden and fighting to cross the Rhine, the Germans have all but surrendered. Berlin is all that is left, but this last fight will be a tough one. Street to street fighting in a bombed out city is especially hard. Reports are coming in saying that Hitler committed suicide; however your superiors still want you to secure Hitler’s bunker and all of the war documents that it contains. You still need to capture the General of the German Army. The General must be brought in to trial for the war crimes that he has committed. It is up to you to take Berlin and capture the High Command.

    Game 1 In 1919 the proud German people were forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles and live in poverty for years. In 1933 a person by the name of Adolf Hitler gained power and turned Germany around. From 1938 to now you have all but conquered Europe, with the help from Spain and Italy; the only thing left to do is force the French to surrender and wipe out the last of the Allied troops in a little pocket at Dunkirk. Then the invasion of Britain can begin. You must crush their defenses and stop them from retreating to Britain or they will reinforce the ground troops and cause a delay in Britain’s invasion. This should be an easy victory for you; there is no force in Europe that can stop you now. The faster you take out the Allies forces, the better it will be.

    Game 2 Hitler issues Directive No. 28, ordering the invasion of Crete. The basic plan involves 22,750 paratroopers, 650 combat aircraft and is to be launched on the 20h May 1941. The first stage of the attack begins with air attacks by dive-bombers followed up with paratroopers. Once you have secured the airfields, then reinforcements can come in by sea. This should be an easy island to take over for you since it is only defended by British Commonwealth troops.

    Game 3 June 6 1944, Italy is almost out of the war and Africa and the Middle East are now in the hands of the Allies. The war on the Eastern front against the Soviet Union is going badly. Reports indicate that the Allies are stockpiling men, weapons and equipment in England. The attack on the Atlantic Sea Wall is imminent. Due to the raging storm and high sea weather conditions, you have been given orders to stand down. No one believes that the Allies will try an amphibious assault in these weather conditions; it would be disastrous. However, your High Command cannot afford a new front in the west. The Allies cannot be permitted to invade Europe. The Atlantic Sea Wall must not fall. It is up to you to ensure that if the Allies do attack that they will fail! Allied forces can’t be allowed to get off the beaches. They must die before they reach the heights and your defenses.

    Game 4 You have ground the Allied advance to a halt. You’re desperate to get re-supplied with ammunition, guns, men, and tanks. These supplies will not be ready for another three months. It is vital that you hold the lines and keep the Allies from advancing towards your industrial centers. Spies have brought news of a major operation that threatens the heart of the German industrial factories. In order to get the war material that is desperately needed to the front lines, the German supply convoy must cross three key bridges. However, the Allies could use these bridges to strike at the heart of your industrial war machine. You must not allow the Allies to cross the bridges. Your orders are to stop the Allies from crossing these bridges. You may have to defy orders and blow-up some bridges to slow down or stop the Allies’ advance.

    Game 5 Germany is lost; Hitler has committed suicide in his bunker! The Allies must not capture Hitler’s bunker and the Top Secret documents in it. Your enemy is at the gates of Berlin and wants blood, your blood! All may not be lost if you can get your Commander out of Berlin and escort him to the sub-pen Nordsee II, at Heliogoland. Then the Third Reich can make a new Father Land in South America. The fighting in Berlin must distract the Allies long enough to cover your Commander’s escape.
  2. Stolen Markers!

    10 April 2008 - 10:56 AM

    This has been a very bad weekend for me. When I was working on Saturday April 5, my car was broken into at Warpaint Indoor. I went out to my car to get some food for break at 10:41 pm and when I came back to my car at 11:08 I found out that someone broke the back wing window on the driver side of my Jeep. Here are some old pics of the two markers that were stolen.
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    The Dragon Timmi has two Assassins barrels 14" and 12" as well as wood grips and side clamping feed neck. The PT has the after market barrel with muzzle break and it no longer has the on/off in front of the grip frame as well as the 10 round mag.
    I'm having a hard time with this, I have customized all of my markers and put a lot of work into them. This is a hard loss for me to take. I love the sport of paintball but I'm having trouble finding joy in it right now.



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    12 Feb 2008 - 12:33
    hey i checked out your brigade u got alot of nice guns
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