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  1. In Topic: SuperGame XL Aug 20-22

    24 August 2010 - 12:23 AM

    From the Kannon Krew :panzer: : I was on Red Team! They shot me. I was on Yellow, and they shot me in the back! SuperGame 41: I'll go into the center of the field, be on my own team, and shoot everybody! Just joking, Dan won't allow me to do that! But I wish I could!! Great game. It was a blast seeing all you guys and being able to play with and against you. Might start charging extra for CO2 fills for those who unload more than a hopper on me at a time, oh, wait, Dan won't let me do that either. :P I hope you enjoyed seeing me out there with the battle axe. Gimli has upgraded from the knife to the battle axe now for charges. Hope to see you all at SuperGame 41. Get a good 6 months rest. I know I need it! It'll take that long before all the welts are completely gone! :D

    PS: Yellow Team, if you want any of your paint back, let me know before it gets washed down the drain.... B)
  2. In Topic: 2010 TRIAD

    22 January 2010 - 01:17 PM

    Looks good to me. I just wish my hands were big enough to grip a T8. I love playing with pistols.
  3. In Topic: I just want a great remote line...

    09 November 2009 - 10:51 AM

    This is what I have learned from many years of running remote lines. The parts of a standard remote hose are: ASA, hose, slide-check (optional), 1/8 inch on/off ball valve (optional), quick disconnect (optional), and male ASA fitting.

    1. The ASA that your tank screws into is “best if it is self-venting” (my personal feelings). When you unscrew the on/off knob the gas in the remote hose should bleed out of the hose and release all the pressure in the ASA fitting. This saves your tank O-ring from getting sliced up by the ASA threads. Most remotes do not have this feature but CP remotes do! Or you could buy a self-venting on/off ASA.
    2. As for the remote hose, that is up to you. Coiled hoses catch on fewer things than straight hoses, as well as, you can get coiled remote hose covers from Spec. OPS.
    3. Slide checks, 1/8-inch on/off (ball valve), and male ASA fitting all have good things and bad things about them. I have taken both apart and know how they work.
    Here is the lowdown on the slide check.
    Parts of the slide are:
    1. The shaft, a rod the ends are drilled out and threaded (one end male the other female) but with a center divider; and two holes drilled on the side of shaft one on each side of the divider. The male end has an o-ring stopper to stop the barrel from sliding off.
    2. The Barrel, this is a metal collar with two tank O-rings on the inside, one at each end
    Posted Image
    The slide check is a self-venting valve. The gas flows from the tank through the remote hose into one end of the shaft through a side hole into the barrel through the second side hole and out the other end. The problem with this design is that the front o-ring (o-ring that is inside the barrel towards the marker) slides back and forth over a side hole; this hole ends up cutting this o-ring up and causes the slide check to leek. The self venting part is good because it allows you to use a quick disconnect more easily, so you don’t have to carry your marker everywhere you go.
    Here is the lowdown on the 1/8inch on/off.
    It is easier to replace than to fix. This is only an on/off and does not self-vent!
    When you turn the knob to the off position both the marker and remote hose are under pressure and you cannot use the quick disconnect until you bleed the air out of the marker (shoot the marker dry).
    4. Here is the lowdown on the male ASA fitting. All standard remotes use the male ASA, although you can use the male fitting (with 1/8inch on/off) to degas your marker. This will still put unnecessary wear on the o-ring.

    I would recommend running this set-up for a remote hose; On/off ASA, Coiled remote hose, 1/8inch on/off, quick disconnect, Male ASA fitting, On/off ASA on your marker. This is the best system I have found for running a remote. It allows you to save on all your o-rings. Easy to degas marker: turn the 1/8inch on/off to the off position, unscrew the ASA knob on the marker, disconnect the quick disconnect. This not only degases the marker, saves the air in the remote hose, and you won’t have to take all your gear off when you want to put down your marker.
  4. In Topic: My A5 HK 21E

    16 October 2009 - 04:00 PM

    Looks good to me as well, please post pics when your done! ;)
  5. In Topic: Supergame XXXVII - May 1-3 SniperzDen

    10 May 2009 - 09:18 PM

    Yes I did "eat a lot of paint". I was spitting paint for a day and was tasting it for two! I really want to get another shield put on her for SG38. I'm thinking of making another super weapon system for SG39. I think I have sold my wife on the project, only time will tell though :) .



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  1. Photo


    12 Feb 2008 - 12:33
    hey i checked out your brigade u got alot of nice guns
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