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  1. In Topic: Nice VSC Phantom Package + Extras For Sale Cheap!

    26 June 2009 - 04:02 PM

    Quite interested.....PM sent
  2. In Topic: VSC phantom, 3.5 os fs

    23 June 2009 - 03:36 PM

  3. In Topic: Pump Discussion Thread V.2

    09 November 2008 - 07:59 PM

    Hey everyone. Im just looking for some help in getting started with the pump world.

    I've been looking at the CCI Phantom, with rear air, 10 round feed tube and an m16 grip. I was just wondering if anyone had any comments about having trouble with an RSC Phantom (while using an L stock) or if there was any mask interference with the L stock/12g changer. I wondered if it was possible to run remote with an L stock and still see down the sight rail (like if I wanted to hook up a 20 oz)

    Also I was wondering if anyone had ever used a 9 oz tank off the rear air adapter and if they had any trouble looking down the sight rail with that.

  4. In Topic: Using your ghillie suit.

    30 August 2008 - 09:04 AM

    This is good info. It's something I've been trying to stress my entire time in Sniper HQ. The only problem I've had with adding veg to ghillies is doing it during play. It's kinda hard to change veg when you are changing your area. Yeah, your info is correct, but it is very time consuming. I honestly wouldn't go through all this if I was just playing a small recreational game with my friends. Vegging out works best when setting up an ambush, not when stalking in the fast paced game of paintball.

    My reccomendation.....If you can find a way to carry a ghillie blanket (or sniper veil) that has a tan base and something like elastic bands to stuff veg in, go for it. Find your ambush spot, stuff in some veg and then drape the blanket over yourself. It's light, portable and doesn't make you feel like a wookie in the starting gate.

    We snipers should simply find what works for us...the skill of concealment can not be simply picked up overnight.
  5. In Topic: WrathOfTheGods Feedback

    07 August 2008 - 09:27 AM

    Good Communication and prompt shipping. Had a little trouble with the USPS at first, but he resent the package right away. Would do business again.


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