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  1. In Topic: WTB Ion Qbow/Longbow

    17 December 2011 - 08:21 AM

    I have one. Email sent :D
  2. In Topic: Special Ops. WHATS GOING ON!

    06 September 2009 - 12:10 PM

    Does anyone know what the story is with the " original spec ops guys"? Why they all dissapeared at the same time and the customer service went down the toilet at the same time?
  3. In Topic: Special Ops. WHATS GOING ON!

    05 July 2009 - 11:52 PM

    keep these posts coming untill the problem goes away!
  4. In Topic: Special Ops. WHATS GOING ON!

    29 June 2009 - 04:26 PM

    hmmm. that sounds just as "washed over" as most of the other answers i have gotten from you guys. ive been dealing with Special Ops on many different levels ( as a customer, a dealer, a teammate, and as a fellow player) for six years and there is something VERY much not right happening there right now! is it really just those two guys running the show?? where is everyone else? when i was a dealer for your product we NEVER had any issues getting a hold of people. there WERE several sales people answering the phone, a sales manager, one or two people handling dealer sales(Bonnie F.). i could even call during a big event like d day and get some guy that was still hanging out. they usually were not much help but at least SOMEONE anwered the phone. now as i am typing this message i have been trying to get a hold of someone FOR TWO WEEKS to place and order that i can only get from spec ops. i have left messages on all three lines, customer service, customer sales and even tried dealer sales again! the last few orders i did place with the company have had MAJOR problems. TWICE ive gotten product i didnt order. we got a few pair of pants that were labled small and wouldn't stay up on our resident "big guy" who wears a 42" or bigger. the best one was when i did a $500+ order and got charged TWICE which is not a big deal if corrected right away...BUT it took three weeks to get the other charge cleared.even then i got the same run around, computers were down, the right people were not there, really busy...ect.
    i as well as many other players and a few dealers around the midwest would like a straight answer for once! WHAT IS GOING ON!!! Is there another big sell out happening? WHAT happened to the "OLD CREW"? Are the threads that made special ops what is it today coming apart at the seams?
    special ops has created something VERY special in the world of paintball and even more so in the world of woodsball. the sport has already been through many growths and transformations.we've all stuck it out thus far and grown like crazy through it all. we are a pretty tough bunch. a kind of strange anomaly in the world of sports. as a whole i would say that we as paintballers can stand up to a bit more than most. you dont do very well in this sport unless your a bit " off center" for lack of a better term. one thing we dont do well with at all is a lot of BS! in our own lives or on the field. on our own field cheaters are watched and hunted mercilesly un till they quit.we have NEVER had to ask anyone to leave a game. so like i said bs does not go a long way with me and that seems to be all i have been getting. i would really like to see some improvment in the customer service but most of all i would like a straight forward answer for once.


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