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  1. In Topic: for a mod to work with first strike paint

    06 April 2010 - 06:40 PM

    it looks like all they did was take the feedneck off and are just hand feeding in the rounds
  2. In Topic: funniest grenade or mine mishaps

    12 April 2009 - 08:37 PM

    my paintball field left some fatboy grenades at the field and apparently what happend was some squirrels chewed on them and ended up setting them off. Never saw any bright orange squirrels though lol
  3. In Topic: Winter Tactics

    12 April 2009 - 08:26 PM

    use the environment to your advantage. I got a kinda funny story about that... One time I was playing and I was pinned down by three people in a bunker that was under an evergreen with some snow on its branches. i moved back from the bunker, so i could see the tree without exposing myself and opened up on the tree branches. Snow fell off the branches, the shooting stopped and was replaced by cries of "crap" "Dirty Acronym". lol I ran up and bunkered all three. 2 of them were my friends and thought it was great... the other one was kinda PERTURBED. lol

    Also try to force people into thick snow so they have difficulty moving. With that in mind remember that you cannot run as fast in snow.
  4. In Topic: I need to outsmart this high tech team

    22 November 2008 - 02:07 AM

    Well as you said before you need to outsmart them. Therefore you need better strategies and skills.

    For their hearing devices- In my experience, they don't work to well because they amplify every little sound... but perhaps they are using something different.
    You said that they know when your coming, so they are ambushing you? You could have a reactionary plan set out with your guys and hand signals.
    You could also use their technology to your advantage. Send a squad travelling ahead of another squad. The lead squad shouldnt have to worry about being quiet cause they are trying to draw attention. When the lead squad is attacked the second squad can set up an ambush and the first squad can retreat back, lead the other team into an ambush by the second squad.

    Your radios-Once again you can use hand signals, codes and back up channels.
    What I mean for codes is attack codes, when you are already engaged. If you are already in a firefight, the enemy already knows where you are so its unlikely that you lose any advantages. Yell out enemy positions and what THEY are doing. For attack codes you could just make words for maneuvers (ex, GOOSE= Flank Left, TOM=Flank right, CHARLIE=Squad A move up, PEPPER=Covering fire, ect.) they dont have to make sense (Probably better if it doesnt cause it will confuse the other team) as long as your team remembers it.

    For the sensor- You know how they will react when they here that. Set an ambush for them. Or even better move up with a group of guys and have some hide at certain checkpoints on the way to the flag. That way when the flag runner takes the flag and the sensor goes off, the runner can go through this trail of teammates. This way the opfor will have a harder time intercepting the flag. And if they do, it will be easy for one of the hidden teammates to sneak up on them and eliminate them.
  5. In Topic: Proto SLG VS Smart Parts epiphany

    13 November 2008 - 04:05 AM

    I would go with the SLG. Its lighter, and has a better regulator, and BOB for easier maintenance.


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