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  1. In Topic: Battle of Bastogne 1/16/2010 @ SplatBrothers Virginia

    30 December 2009 - 10:51 PM

    Lüttwitz's troops had surrounded the US forces commanded by US General Anthony McAuliffe. Lüttwick's demand for the US troops to surrender was the following:

    To the U.S.A. Commander of the encircled town of Bastogne.

    The fortune of war is changing. This time the U.S.A. forces in and near Bastogne have been encircled by strong German armored units. More German armored units have crossed the river Our near Ortheuville, have taken Marche and reached St. Hubert by passing through Hompre-Sibret-Tillet. Libramont is in German hands.

    There is only one possibility to save the encircled U.S.A. troops from total annihilation: that is the honorable surrender of the encircled town. In order to think it over a term of two hours will be granted beginning with the presentation of this note.

    If this proposal should be rejected one German Artillery Corps and six heavy A. A. Battalions are ready to annihilate the U.S.A. troops in and near Bastogne. The order for firing will be given immediately after this two hours term.

    All the serious civilian losses caused by this artillery fire would not correspond with the well-known American humanity.

    The German Commander,
    Heinrich Freiherr von Lüttwitz

    P.S. No, you should join me. We'll have more fun PLUS naturally Germans have more beer.
  2. In Topic: Coming to Virgina

    28 July 2009 - 02:28 AM

    View PostCptObvious, on Jul 20 2009, 02:10 AM, said:

    So after two years in Vegas with minimal paintball, I'm PCSing to Virgina. I've seen a few events headlined on the forum, but not many. What are the good fields for open play? For events? I'm not looking for a team as I'll be transplanting mine to Langley. I am looking for some teams who'd be interested in some practice games some time.

    long time no see. last time I talk to you was.......awhile ago. lol,so good fields? how far are you looking to travel? there is a few fields here in Va. I'll throw in the websites for ya. if you ever stop a splat brothers. looks us up on the forms or say hi at the field.
    http://www.splatbrothers.com/ <-------largest field in Va
  3. In Topic: 98c Valves

    31 July 2008 - 05:02 PM

    everything you need for a tippmann right there. firstcall us to sell them as well.
  4. In Topic: shocker owners group

    31 July 2008 - 04:43 PM

    SFT very nice...I have a NXT. I like the way the SFT look...but the NXT have most of the bugs fix on them. basicly the same gun though.



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