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I am the HAMMER for Team MSB
43 years old
August 3, 1970
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rochester, ny

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  1. Its been a while

    20 March 2009 - 05:08 AM

    The Emag. has freak barrel tip.

    Posted Image

    All the oldies, i still have most of them

    Posted Image

    The cocker.

    Posted Image

    The Ion. this is an old pic, she's black and gold and set up with an armageddon reg.

    Posted Image

    Zues WSP.

    Posted Image

    another 98c

    Posted Image

    PCS US5

    Posted Image

    The do it yourself launcher

    Posted Image

    My Tac8 and R/T Mag

    Posted Image

    The milsig K, mag fed goodness.....:P

    Posted Image

    not pictured
    3 classic mags, 2 in parts, one being sold.
    spider clone
    VW dune buggy----tank
  2. "Operation: Mind Crime"- Upstate, New York.

    20 April 2008 - 02:49 PM

    High Energy Paintball And
    Easy Target Productions Presents:
    Operation: Mind crime

    Year 2020. Soon after the war on terrorism had ended there began a new war. One within the U.S. The government began to control all aspects of life. Everything you knew and loved gone in the blink of an eye. Amendments began to change and soon followed everyoneís believes. While the war on terrorism was going on the government began a new program, codenamed "Mind crime". The means of the operation were mind control devices in placed into the brain of a host. Thus giving the government the power to control thoughts as well as actions. As soon as hints of this "Program" hit the public the United States has been split in two. One being the government and those who side with them. Mostly the military and its followers. The other side. The "Revolution".

    May 2020. It started as a warm day in Washington DC. The President of the United States was being escorted back from a meeting. His car stops at a red light. Just as its about to turn green a gunshot rings out. Blowing out the back passenger side window. Killing the president instantly. Secret Service agents and bodyguards are stunned but rush to the aid of the motionless body of the president. Finding the limp body in the back seat. Before any words were said, everyone knew the actions had been from the Revolutionaries. Before the night was out, agencies and different forms of Government were having meetings all across the nation. Talks of bringing war on there own country. Something that hasnít happen in over 150 years. A Civil WarÖ

    June 2020. Nether actions or words were exchanged between. But secret actions and movements were felt throughout the entire United States. Small groups of Radicals doing what ever they can to fight back against the government that was sworn to protect them. Until whiff of something hit the governments noses. The Revolutionaries got control of something no one would ever believe. A nuclear weapon.

    July 2020. The thought of Independence day had brushed passed the minds of Americans as they knew war on there own country was inevitable. It was the Revolutionaries that had made the first move. Using the threat of there new "weapon" upon the nation. The Government retaliated with the releasing of there "secret weapon" upon the civilians. Super Soldiers. Humans with the abilities above and beyond everything anyone has ever imagined.

    The War Has BeganÖ

    Government General- Dan "Eclipse7x" Lawson
    Revolutionary General- Ed "EGOed" Ilnicky


    Date: Saturday, May 10th 2008.
    Price: $50 case of paint, $15 Admission. (This includes all day air/co2)
    Check back for more updates and info. regarding missions and more.

    Please check out Our Forums for more information and updates on this epic event.

    Also visit our site for other information. www.highenergypaintball.com

    anyone from specops forum going
    you can follow the discution at this other sight.
  3. Runningbears Spring Cleaning Sale

    19 April 2008 - 04:29 PM

    I have a few things for sale. All prices are negotiable and I except trades.
    Shipping not included in prices shown. Give me your zip code and the item/s your interested in and ill email you back the total with shipping.

    First: PCS US5 With HK UMP Milsim Mod.
    1 PCS US5 Marker, List Price: $129.95, Sale Price: $95
    1 egrip for PCS US5, List Price: $60, Sale Price: $60
    1 warsensor folding stock(missing "D" ring, list price: $99.99, Sale Price: $65
    1 OPSGEAR UMP shroud for A5, List Price: $99.99, Sale Price: $75
    1 OPSGEAR UMP front sight, List Price: $34.99, Sale Price: $25
    1 OPSGEAR rear sight, List Price: $24.99, Sale Price: $15
    All together: $450, Sale price: $335

    PCS US5 AK47 Magazine Kit with Expansion Chamber, List Price: $59.00, Sale Price: $45
    will fit any marker with standerd asa threading under gun, aka: spider/clones, tipp 98's.......
    Link: http://rap4.com/pain...ber-p-3818.html

    Custom made from UGMS for my PCS US5 Cost: $120, Sale Price $100
    Custom 9mm mag-well and mag. Simple bolt on design with slot for airline to run thru.

    Barrel Adapter, List Price$16.95, Sale Price: $14
    98 to A5 Barrel Adapter
    For the Tippmann A5
    Already own a 98-barrel? Then use this extremely lightweight - yet tough aluminum adapter to mount your 98-barrel you already own to your A5! Black Anodized. New Never Used

    1 brand new TAC light. Very nice quality tactical light that rivals more expensive versions. Comes with Picatinny mount and Pig Tail, List Price: $80, Sale Price: $80 will not lower, only set up on marker and has not been used

    Also for sale
    1- Zeus WSP, List Price: $159.95. Sale Price: $120
    Comes with lazar point, new cup seal (still in package) as it needs to be replaces and a warscensor holster and extra clip
    Link: http://i30.photobuck...ns/100_0956.jpg

    Vest, List Price $89.99, Sale Price: $60
    Warscensor Tactical Vestís modular design is unique in the market; you can switch different pouches and pods for special missions. Itís not just a vest, itís equipment with your personality integrated.
    Chest protector integrated
    High strength 3+2 pods
    High strength 4+3 pods
    High strength 2+2 pods + tank holder
    High strength 2 grenade pouches
    High strength 2 pouches for 12 Gram Co2 cartridges
    Internal hydration bladder pouch (1L. bladder not included)
    Convenient universal radio pouch
    Adjustable side straps
    Zippered front for easy on/off
    Tactical belt keepers (belt not included)
    Link: http://i30.photobuck...ar/100_0798.jpg

    1 Tactical Leg Holster (Left Hand)- Color: Woodland, List Price: $40.00
    Link: http://rap4.com/pain...rge-p-1819.html
    Never Used, Iím right handed. I was sent the wrong one.

    1 Throat Mic Combo Package, List Price $95.00, Sale Price: $70
    Works great, Iím just switching to a different mic set up.
    link: http://rap4.com/pain...age-p-2255.html

    JT NVader, with out spikes: $10
    JT Radar style entry mask: $10
    Scott, unknown type: $5
    Profiler, no lens without fan: $30....sold

    Ill post more items once I stumble across them...lol

    Email me with interests
    Ill add links once I take pics of them.


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    04 Jun 2007 - 23:13
    zHey dude interested in the 21" sniper barrel email me at sethyboy515@yahoo.com
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