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  1. Stiffi Vs J&J

    21 April 2009 - 05:34 PM

    Ok guys, I need Help

    I just got my X7, and I need to get a barrel. And Im torn.

    I need opinions hopefully from people who have used both.

    J&J Ceramic Or Stiffi Classic.

    Pros, Cons, and accuracy.

    I mean really is the 100 bucks worth the Accuracy of the stiffi over the J&J?

    Ive used J&J for years now. And I like them alot. But I can afford a Stiffi now and Im thinking of putting one on this X7. But I dont know if I will notice the difference. I shoot mostly GAP rec- level paint.

    Please help
  2. 80s Movie Question

    16 April 2009 - 05:01 PM

    Ok I need some help and I think that this may be the place to get the help.

    Im looking for a movie from the 80s. I cant remember the title.

    In the movie there is an organization, military in nature, top secret. They have a super cool underground base, and they have all kinds of Motorcycles and Dunebuggies. And the motorcycle has a rocket launcher on the front. The main character would pop a wheelie and launch rockets at the badguys. And in the end, I seem to remember some sort of large scale battle where the two forces charged eachother.

    I remember the characters wearing brown uniforms, and the main character looked alot like one of the BeeGees. Feathered blonde hair and the whole nine yards.

    I thought it was called Omega Force, but apparently it wasnt, as I can find no reference to that title on the web.

    Any Thoughts??
  3. Keeping track of play

    28 September 2008 - 11:11 AM

    Hey guys. I was just updating my Brigade page and looking back over my play record and the notes that Ive kept. Its funny but once I read a note, I remember the day of play pretty well. I think the game tracking is my favorite part of brigade. The gear list is really just to show off I think.

    Which made me think of other brigade pages that Ive looked at. Why is it that other people either record every "round" of play in a day, or dont record anything at all? I mean this is totally like a scrap book of where you were, what you did and who you did it with. Its way valuable. Not to mention you get points every time and that goes towards rank which goes towards getting cooler free stuff.

    I dont know, but I would think that people would use this feature more.

    If you could, enlighten me and let me know why you do, or dont use it.

    And if you do, Ill check out your record. I love reading about other players games and such and seeing how often they play and how they did.

    And if you check it out, you can always lol at the players who are getting like 32 kills and one death in a day of play. Man either they are paragons of paintball or. . . Im really bad at this.

    Check out my page too. and tell me what you think.

    But my main point with this post is that I want to find other people with genuine pages, and find out why other people dont use this more.

    enlighten me please.


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