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  1. Spec Ops Fishing Vest?

    03 March 2010 - 10:42 AM

    I love paintball no doubt about it as I think about it everyday. But I also like to fish and with trout season coming up here in PA in just a little over a month I got out my old fishing vest and started prepping for the upcoming season. While fiddling with my old beat up cotton fabric vest I started to fret about not having enough space in it for my gear. You see I do not carry a tackle box like many anglers do instead opting to keep everything I need on my vest much the same way we paintball players do. As I finally finished up packing my lure boxes and gear into the vest something struck me, "Why not use my old Dagger vest?" and off I went. When it was all said in done sadly my old Dagger vest just didn't have the space for all of my tackle which then sent me promptly to the vest builder here to start building my own.

    Why a Spec Ops fishing vest? For me it's simple, top quality materials and construction. Most fishing vests on the market today are made of cotton which when it gets wet stays that way. Now there are mesh based vests available and in speaking from experience they just do not hold up as long as they should Add in the fact that they have cotton pockets on them and durability again comes to the foreground as a rip can easily occur while trudging through shrubs and thorn bushes to get to that elusive fish.

    My dagger vests, all of them, have held up now to a multitude of beatings both on the field and off without nary a tear along the pouches. The mesh dries quickly allowing you to remain more comfortable during the long day of paintball and potentially fishing. Also with shoulder padding the Spec Ops' vests are vastly more comfortable over the long run. I don't know anyone who goes fishing for just an hour or two thus the importance of a vest that remains comfortable all day long.

    As a long time angler I have a good feeling that if Extreme Stitchworks decided to put forth a quality fishing vest it could make an impact on the market. Fishing is huge, watch ESPN or Versus every weekend morning (when your not playing paintball) and see for yourself the possibility of a Spec Ops branded vest in the marketplace. Add in the fact that it can be made in a variety of different camo patterns and the such and pretty soon the fish will never see you coming.

    Just thought I'd put this out there as to be honest the vest builder gets close to what I personally would want but just falls short of a couple of items.

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to everyone's ideas and views on this.
  2. Santa MOATI's Omnipat gear

    04 November 2009 - 07:40 AM

    I don't know how many would be interested but an omnipat Santa hat would be great for those holiday season events. Any thought about maybe producing them as a special of some sort? Many fields in the NE run charity events starting in November and I try to make as many as possible and would rock one of those caps at each event.
  3. TSSOC Presents Fallout : Wasteland - A Scenario Paintball Game - 3:27:

    20 October 2009 - 11:08 AM

    Posted Image

    Tri-State Special Operations Command scenario paintball team, partnered with Poco Loco Paintball Park in Schwenksville, PA, is pleased to announce their upcoming production of Fallout : Wasteland - A Scenario Paintball Game, on Saturday, March 27th, 2010.

    In the year 2277 there is only one definite, The Wasteland. The remains of a once mighty civilization now lay in ruin poisoned by radiation, inhabited by the mutations wrought in the fallout. You decide how you want to survive out there. Are you a member of the Enclave, representative of the old guard and sworn to restoring order to the land? Or is your fate intertwined with that of the Brotherhood of Steel, worshipers of technology for a better today and tomorrow. Choose your side, fight for domination of the Wasteland on March 27, 2010 in Fallout : Wasteland, a TSSOC Scenario Paintball Production.

    The main factions for the game will be...
    THE BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL commanded by Pete Murphy
    THE ENCLAVE headed up by Daniel "Barney" Alamo.
    XOs will be announced shortly.

    Pre-Registration Entry will be $40, Day of Registration will be $50, which includes CO2/HPA.

    Paint will be $65 per case, field paint only.


    For more information, please visit http://www.tristatespecops.com


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