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  1. Lo's Thanksgiving / Black Friday Extravaganza

    23 November 2010 - 06:23 PM

    Hey guys! Welcome to my black friday thread.. going up a bit early, since I'll be spending black friday with family :)

    There are a couple of things that set this sale thread apart from normal.

    One, unlike my normal, these prices will not include shipping... in an effort to be as accurate (and cheap!) as possible, I'll give you a total shipping price on your whole lot. Should be approximately $5-12 depending, but I want to save you as much dough as I can. I ship USPS First Class or Priority.

    [U]Two[/U], the prices listed are my sale prices. However, if I do not recieve a full price offer on an item by Sunday night, I will take the highest offer on that item, as low as 70% of the listed price. Just shoot me that bid offer in a PM. By doing this, I am asking that you honestly offer what you bid. I'll be thoroughly upset if you back out of an offer made in this manner. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are exempt from this provision.

    And Three, I'm trying to make the prices cheap in the first place :)

    Finally.. Trade offers welcome but unlikely, please post before you PM in case two of you get in a race, No dibs or reservations unless I tell you I'm holding the item for you or until you get cash to me. Paypal will be the mode of choice for this sale. Talk to me if that's a huge issue. I will ship to Canada at cost, but I won't be responsible for customs agents' actions.

    So here we go!

    $110* Gone -- Mechanical Ion, Redz Hotfire bolt (dual oring), Orange early gen unicorn bolt and can, CP reg & ASA, CP sling trigger, vibe barrel. Right on the edge of walkable, I can get a four-five round burst. Will depend on your finger strength. SMAV currently held in place by grip screws, so no grips currently.

    $110* -- 1998 APL Sniper, single Benchmark slider frame, hybrid grips or stock Ion grips (your choice), CCM pump kit, BM reg, duckbill ASA, Right Feed with clear elbow, no-name barrel

    $90 -- 2000 Autococker, double chrome hinge frame, shocktech on/off asa, single slider frame, shroud and original box. No name barrel.

    $60 -- PT extreme pistol, includes hopper and CA adapters, 2 aftermarket barrels.

    $80 -- 3ksi Scuba: Black, new black fill adapter. Comes with approximately 2ksi of air free! (Local to Colorado only)
    $80 -- Crossfire 45/45, Ninja regulator, Hydro 9/06, Empire Cover
    $10 -- 20 oz CO2 tank
    $15 -- Remote #1, Slidecheck, QD female end
    $15 -- Remote #2, Slidecheck, QD female end, ASA reducer, no QD nipple

    $50 -- CP Barrel kit, AC thread, black: .685, .689, .693, 14", 16" with case
    $40 -- Lapco Apex Ready Bigshot, AC thread, .690, w/ Apex tip & spare tongue
    $30 Gone -- Dye UL, AC thread, black back (.688?), 12" orange front, 10" black front.
    $20* -- SP AA Barrel, black, 16"

    $30 -- Halo B, 9v harness but no battery block, ripdrive post, no ripdrive wheel, camouflage suicide style shells (new, not pictured)
    $25* -- Viewloader Revy, Black/Clear
    $25 -- Viewloader Revy, Red

    $40* -- Empire Events, black, clear lens (good condition), mirror lens (fair condition)
    $35 -- Proto Axis Switch, tinted lens (fair condition), clear lens (new in bag), olive/black
    $10 -- JT Mask #1, clear lens in very good condition
    $10 -- JT Mask #2, clear lens in very good condition
    $10 -- JT Mask #3, clear lens in fair condition

    I apologize about the pictures, batteries in the camera died.. so I'm using a compilation of old pictures and pictures from when I bought the items. I'll have updated photos ASAP!

    Posted Image
    (some items in this picture have been sold previously)
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
  2. Recon Magazines for sale

    14 August 2010 - 08:13 PM

    So, I've got a collection of nearly every edition of RECON Magazine (Vol 1: 1-3, Vol 2: 1-2, Vol 3: 1,3,4, Vol 4:1). I've got them memorized so well I don't ever read them anymore, and don't need them for reference. So I'd be glad to pass them along to somebody who hasn't read them yet.

    I'm going to ask $40 for the set, largely to cover shipping and handling costs.
    I'll also be including a copy of PSM and APG.. just for fun.


    I'll also send the buyer a PDF file of the never-printed RECON 4:2. That's right. You'll get the first look at a copy only the RECON staff (3 people) has seen till now.

    I ship USPS Priority, take USPS MO or Paypal.. let me know who's interested. Post before PM
  3. AGD Automag RT Pro, Lightning Sniper, 68/45, 45/45, FusionX

    10 August 2010 - 07:55 PM

    Items are for sale only.. feel free to offer trades, but the answer
    will be no thanks 99% of the time. Prices are flexible for cash

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    AGD Automag RT Pro: Xvalve w/ ULT, level 10 bolt, Black ULE vert body,
    Intelliframe with blade trigger, CP 0.689 barrel with 12" black tip,
    10" red tip, bike grip, medium-rise clamping feedneck, warrior
    paintball on/off, covered hardline, shoots flawlessly. Comes with ULT
    and level 10 parts. $350 Gone

    Psychoballistics Lightning SniperII, CP reg, single slider frame,
    works great. $100 Gone

    68/4500 HP tank, Pure Energy, SPPL Sportsmanship Award emblem, hydroed
    in June 2010 (5yr). Comes with new black neoprene tank cover. $100

    45/4500 HP tank, Pure Energy, hydroed in May 2007 (5yr). Comes with Dye Rhino
    tank cover $100

    Broadsword IX vest, small (4 pods plus a horizontal tank). Does not
    include radio or grenade pouch. $50

    SpecOps FusionX jersey and pants, ACU. Good condition. $60

    Air-through t-stock (Diamond Labs) and heavy duty coiled remote with
    slide check. Comes with ACU remote cover. $40

    2009 Exalt cleats, size 12, with extra spikes and golf spikes. Used, but good
    condition. $50

    Automag classic valve, level 10 bolt, missing foamie, comes with automag stock ASA, braided line, and a q/d fitting. $55

    Items below this point will only be shipped in conjunction with above
    item, or as package with combined value greater than $40 shipped.

    Redz 4 pod pack, well used. Has lumbar support pad. $15

    Ricochet 2kx hopper, shows use but functions well. $15 Gone

    Blackrain ACU Bandu headwrap with long straps. $10

    SpecOps ACU headwrap, new. $10

    SpecOps ACU mask cover, new. $10

    Vforce ProVantage mask. Your choice of olive or grey. Will come with
    new lens and used lens. Brow trimmed to provide better ventilation
    (and more stylish!). $30

    Softball style kneepads, extend to mid calf, thick neoprene, $15

    All items shipped USPS Priority where possible, shipped after payment in full.
    All prices include shipping and handling. Are you local (Colorado)?
    Make me an offer!
    Discounts offered to MCB Members, SPPL/UWL players, or people I've
    dealt with/played with in the past..
    Please post, then PM
    Feedback here:
    I retain the right to refuse to deal with or sell to anybody at my
    discretion. Be courteous.
  4. Shocker, Phantom, Prolite, FusionX, MOLLE and Classic Mag Valve

    17 May 2010 - 03:23 PM

    Ok guys, organized my gear today, and there is some I'm willing to part with... Mostly looking for cash, open to some trades.

    Trades I'm interested in: RT Pro style Automags w/ X-valve (can add), or offer!

    Posted Image

    Items for sale:
    SFT shocker (blue), ~2005, 14" AA with freak tip, Q-lock feedneck, bolt guide (new style, removable by hand), TechT Enertia bolt, brand new upper board (I mangled the old one), Blackheart lower board. Otherwise, pretty stock. Good condition for an SFT. Asking $260 shipped.
    Video here: Posted ImagePending

    Stock Class Phantom. Basic configuration will come with the backbottle 12g changer and T stock. Bottomline configuration $10 extra. Tank not included (look below). 11" CCI barrel. Some components (barrel body, frame) were red and blue, have been rattlecanned black. Works great! Gone

    22/3k tank, Veritas brand reg, was orange for LEO use, rattlecanned black. Works great!Gone

    3.5 oz tank, rattlecanned black, $20 shipped

    Automag classic valve, lvl 7 long nose bolt, good condition. Asking $50 shipped

    FusionX Jersey and Pants ACU pattern, great condition. Worn and washed once. Size Small, but it'll fit a 34 waist and is plenty long for me (I'm 6'2). Jersey $30, Pants $70 or the set for $85 shipped

    Prolite, with titanium hammer, good condition. Has trouble recocking occasionally. Comes with 3x rebuild kit. Great backup/loaner! Asking $40 shipped

    12" J&J Ceramic, A5 threaded, great condition, $20 shipped.

    Maurader 2 Jersey, ACU, size S, $15 shipped

    ACU Headwrap, goggle covers, $10 shipped each

    Scurry pack Hydration pack with MOLLE base. Brand new! Will include 2x Omnipat pod holders and an Omnipat tank holder for a super light running setup. Hydration bladder not included Gone

    Other items
    Will not ship separately. Make a package of $30 or more, and they're yours for a good price ($5 ea)

    SpecOps Digi Double Grenade Pouch (MOLLE) Gone
    SpecOps Digi Tactical Belt
    SpecOps Digi Radio Pouch Gone
    Red CCI 10rd feed
    21" AC thread barrel
    Stock Prolite hammer
    BT4 Spring kit

    All prices include domestic shipping via USPS Priority. I guarantee shipping within a week of purchase, and will do my best to get it out sooner than that (full time student working 30hrs/wk).

    the PBN clause
    If you're buying, you pay and I'll ship (if I know you, we've dealt successfully in the past, that's more flexible). Trades can be negotiated, but as a member of industry, highly respected player with a lot of feedback.. chances are you'll ship first or at the same time. Be respectful to me, and you'll earn the same. I reserve the right to refuse to do business with anyone. Generally, first person with funds transferred will get the item, but I'll keep you appraised if someone else shows interest.

    And if you've made it all the way down here and are still reading: Northern CO residents, SPPL/UWL players who I've played against, friends of BLC, MCB members, and SOPC members can take the greater of $5 or 5% off any price. Just mention your affiliation when you PM.

  5. Workhorse Phantom

    07 May 2010 - 07:58 PM

    Got a workhorse for sale here.. it's certainly not pretty, but it works great!

    Posted Image

    11" CCI stock barrel (or 14" J&J if you prefer! Add $10)
    10rd stock feed
    Bottomline with on/off ASA, braided line with Q/D
    45 frame with Dye Sticky grips
    Clear full size pump handle with Hitman modification (sturdy!)

    Optional: 22ci tank, add $50

    Some parts were originally blue, orange or red, and have been spraypainted matte black. The rattle can paint is pretty worn, but keeps it from being a neon sign in the woods.

    Asking $160 shipped, USPS Priority
    Trades: ULE mag bodies, Xvalves, Revy hoppers, very small elbow pads

    Happy hunting!


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