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working on my trucks, partying, meeting new people, having a good time, modding my paintball gear...

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  1. Please Help

    15 July 2011 - 12:39 PM

    Our local youth ministry runs a paintball outreach program for the community. We have been building a program to give kids something positive to do for over 8 years. In the past 2 months we have been robbed twice, someone stole a church laptop and our cash box once, then this last week again we were hit hard. This time they also stole a massive amount money from the church along with the last reserve for the program. We are now at risk of losing our ability to play paintball in a safe and fun environment. The team leader has already put everything he can into trying to save us but we are on thin ice with the church now. We cant purchase anymore paint air or co2 because of this, the team is now brainstorming ways to raise money. We all threw in the money we had last week raising $70 off the five teammates we had, but that is just a margin of the massive loss we experienced by the thieves. If anyone has ideas on how we may be able to rebuild the trust with the church and get our program back it would be greatly appreciated.
    We are currently thinking of throwing some fundraiser scenario games so any Colorado players should contact.
    Thx & please keep us in your prayers.
  2. Various caliber markers.

    18 November 2009 - 03:43 PM

    Doing some surfing today I came across these two websites.
    Both sites have several new markers that are yet to be released.
    I'm pretty impressed with some of the reviews I've read, and in my opinion the 50. caliber round is better suited for CQB/Speedball because of the increase in accuracy for those ranges. (according to http://www.paintballx3.com/gear/the-scoop-...exclusive.html)
    I personally like the http://gimilsim.com/gi50 which reminds me of my SP-1.
    But until I can try some of these new markers out I will stick with my .68 phantom & a5
    On a side note I've noticed an increase of chatter and advertisement about the .43 caliber or 11mm rounds. The main selling points of these markers seems to be the lower impact, making it easier to play in some places, as well as attracting new players to the sport.
    My favorite .43 cal is the http://www.rap4.com/paintball/os/paintball...een-p-2204.html
    I woun't criticize a certain calliber because all have their benefits, but I would like to say I do enjoy the choices of markers and ammunition we have on the market today.
  3. Pressure suits

    14 November 2009 - 10:22 PM

    I play woodsball in the mountains of northern colorado. Many times I've found myself losing footing along a cliff or in a tree, noted I should try and avoid putting myself in these situations but I go where I need to go. Anyways after having a few close calls I decided to do some research into protective gear and this is what I found
    I looked at other brands like sixsixone and the other competition but this one is my pick due to the lightweight and flexible construction.
    I'm not getting this as a chest protector but rather I am getting it because of back protection.
    Anyways just seeing if anyone else has tried this...
  4. Question about compatibility of A-5 upgrades

    14 November 2009 - 06:09 PM

    Does this-http://shop.specialopspaintball.com/jcs-duel-trigger-for-the-tippmann-a-5-e-grip.html
    Fit on this- http://shop.specialopspaintball.com/tippma...pgrade-kit.html

    Additionally I would like any suggestions on powertubes/bolts, and their ability to be swapped with others...
    Example:http://www.opsgear.com/Tippmann-Hexadecagon-Front-Bolt-p/jcs-75102.htm on http://shop.specialopspaintball.com/trinit...-with-bolt.html

  5. Funny Story

    14 November 2009 - 12:08 AM

    D-Day 05...
    Here's the story:
    My team had been pushing our way out of the forest toward the german base. We needed to take their tanks out so we made a human shield around our only anti tank gunner and I was located on the left of the gunner (~ 8:30.) We were moving up the road when a pair of electros opened up from behind a large concrete tube @ our 11. For some reason only half their ambush was successful in thwarting our advance. Noted that the player in front of me and I both experienced bounces, which is probably why we survived because we dropped to the ground and waited until our team suppressed the opposing players behind their bunker. Seeing this opportunity and fueled by the 24/7 adrenaline boost from D-Day I rushed their position swinging my Tippmann 98 Custom over the top and tag the players on their pods, and carefully made sure my shots broke.
    -[I aim for the pods #1 because its a hard spot, 2 because it is less painful]
    I yell to the pair that they are out, they ask where and I tell them to check the top of their pods.
    That being said and done I proceeded to attempt to regroup with the anti tank squad but was slightly interrupted by 2-3 seconds that consisted of the sinister hiss of an Angel marker. The welt producing sounds came from behind me, STOP DROP & ROLL took effect quickly after. Throwing my paint covered arm in the air I yell "Out." Standard procedure. Right? I thought so too. No, because when I got up another volley came, I hit the deck, 'looking with my ears' and finding that it was no one but the Angel toting guy I had just shot on his pod pack. At first I wanted to shoot back but then I remembered I was there representing my team, and that I was only a kid... I booked it out of there only to have a bush yell surrender at me, puzzled I looked around until I saw a red band floating through the tree next to me. I gladly accepted his offer, I wasn't looking for anymore trouble at this point. Too bad for me when I got back to the dead box I was filling up my canteen (a 140rd pod) when I heard someone inside the deadbox talking about the recent skirmish, curious I went inside. Once in I found the group of Allied players who were discussing what happened when one of them caught me listening in, and recognized that I was the one who assaulted the two behind the bunker. He hollered at his friend to come over and meet me when someone else heard what was going on and approached me. At first I thought he was the guys friend until I spotted the metallic blue shine of his marker. It was the player with the Angel from earlier. (apparently he got dusted right as I ran away...) He came up and said "You know that guy with the Angel who shot you, Yeah that's me, what about it?" I felt threatened at first due to the way he had approached me, and because he had just given me a nice welt suit. Luckily before I anything else happened a few allied players who had just joined the circle stepped in and had a talk with the guy, something about 'picking on someone your own size' or something like that. D-Day was still Effin Epic. Especially because people I didn't even know stepped in because they had seen what happened and didn't want that kind of name for paintball. pretty cool I think.


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    Bloody Beetroot 

    16 Nov 2009 - 00:54
    Ev is a well balanced bonafide Badass! He'll take anyone one on one effortlessly. Ev will sneak past your team and be at your 6 before you even know it Beware the EV!
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    Bloody Beetroot 

    16 Aug 2008 - 22:55
    Dude Ev, nice page! I might actually start using these forums now after seeing what you've done here!
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    05 May 2008 - 00:38
    Been playing with Ev ever since the beginning. Ev is 1337. He will own you, he's a force to be reckoned with. He knows his stuff. Great guy and friend.
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    21 Apr 2008 - 06:57
    This user is very helpful and obviously very knowledgeable on the subject of paintball.
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