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  1. Tippmann Crossover vs Empire Axe vs Dye Reflex

    01 April 2013 - 01:10 AM

    I am looking at 3 markers for speedball and don't know what to get. I have paintballed 7 years ago but have quit since. I am looking for a good gun for under $600 but would really like to upgrade it as i go. i am obsessed with e-grips so I am definitely wanting a board. So far my 3 choices are
    Tippmann Crossover
    Empire Axe
    Dye Reflex
    Basically from what I have heard, the axe has a "FILTERED" warranty and is hard maintenance but is the best of the 3 after upgrading. I have heard that tippmann crossover is easy to maintain and has a good warranty. As far as the dye reflex I don't know anything other than dye is top grade markers. I want something cool looking and not a typical black marker, so I am leaning towards the reflex. My local dealer said the crossover is the best gun for the money, but in my opinion it is too plain but considering the huge amount of barrels for an A5 thread available, this is a good choice. However I think the dye reflex is by far the coolest looking marker with lots of choices, and from what I seen, it looks like it's a simple alen wrench and the bolt comes out the back and looks like really simple to maintain, however it looks like they only come with 1 choice for barrels and that's from dye, unless I am missing something? What barrel thread does the reflex use? Someone told me its an Autococker thread but they didn't really know what they were talking about either. I would like to get a ball sizer kit like the empire freak. Advice? Opinions? Thanks for the help.



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