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  1. Polishing internals?

    12 November 2012 - 05:26 PM

    Sorry about the few topics I've made concerning questions. Don't mean to be a bother. But what is polishing internals? What does it improve? Does it make things worse? I there any cons? How can I do it? Is it worth it? Thanks :) the last forum I asked questions on... Nobody replied to them. :)
  2. Custom paint job?

    11 November 2012 - 04:51 PM

    I've seen people paint their guns a lot and I've painted a few of my 98s, hoppers, etc. but the paint always seems to scratch off easily. I'm also using spray paint, is there a way to paint the stuff without it scratching off? Do I need a certain kind of paint? What kinda price would we be looking at? I'd be painting the stuff woodland camo. Thanks
  3. Making a Team?

    10 November 2012 - 09:21 AM

    Heya, My old paintball team doesn't play hardly ever anymore. So I was kinda thinking about starting a new one. There is a field in walking distance from my house and we could play there or at any of the other fields around here. What would I need to do to start a team up? How would I advertise it? How can I tell if somebody is worth having on my team? What about Sponsors? Whats the deal for sponsors? I see guys saying their teams are sponsored by Valken, Empire, Alien, etc. Thanks Guys.
  4. My Equipment

    09 November 2012 - 07:50 PM

    Heya, I'm new to the forum and just thought I would show you guys my setup. I threw my equipment on to get a quick photo. Usually I have camo facepaint, an bandanna, and camel pack.

    Name: Tyler
    Taken with: Ipod :)

    (Newest)Tippmann A5, with Apex 2 3 in 1 barrel, EGRIP, and TechT Squishy paddles +DS. (I just got this gun for $40 last week, The local paintball field couldn't fix it and never put it back together. I figured it would be worth trying to fix. Luckily I got it working like brand new, One of the springs inside the EGRIP came out of place which wouldn't allow the gun to fire. Good thing the local field is hiring me because they could use a gun mechanic, haha) Future upgrades for the A5 are: TechT Quick Exhaust Piston Housing, TechT Tippmann Cyclone Lightning Rod MOD, JCS Black Point Cyclone Feed Jet Click Shaft and Ratchet,Lapco A5/X7/BT4 .687 Apex Ready BigShot Barrel, Lapco MP5 Gas-Thru Magazine, and Tippmann A5 Adjustable Aluminum Stock,mp5 Style Stock for Tippmann A5.

    Tippmann 98 Custom, Cyclone feeder, Techt squishy paddles +DS, Apex 2 3in1 barrel, Tapco Folding stock, and a quad rail shroud. I don't know what brand of shroud it is because I got it from a guy I play paintball with.

    Invert Avatar Vents mask (Hopefully getting a dark lens)

    Thats the main stuff I play paintball with.

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