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  1. In Topic: German 709th ID - Utah Beach Oklahoma D-Day 2009

    24 February 2009 - 11:14 AM

    Join the Best Beach Party in Oklahoma, Utah Beach.
  2. In Topic: German 709th ID - Utah Beach Oklahoma D-Day 2009

    19 January 2009 - 08:13 PM

    I hereby resign as the CO of the German 709th Infantry Division.

    D-Day is a game in which I participated to have fun with my friends. Now that my good friends, Jeremy Hanna, Clay Sanger and Dan Pianfetti have been banned from the field for "unresloved issues" and unspecified reasons after their years of devotion and priceless contributions to the game, I'm done.

    I tried at the meeting to hold this ship together to the best of my ability and to encourage the staff that we will make it through this rough time. Well why bother any more. This is not fun, it is not even like a second job anymore to me, it just is too ironic for me to be a part of anymore. Banning those three and treating them that way and not banning Steve for attacking and injuring Tyler in his trailer and letting Bob back after being banned for bad mouthing Dewayne and this event all over the internet for years is priceless.

    It is my vacation, it is my money, it is my choice. I do not encourage anyone to follow my lead here. Search your heart and do what you feel is right with your time, money, heart and soul.

    Zeke out...
    "I wash my hands of you." - Pontius Pilate
  3. In Topic: 82nd Airborne / 82nd Pathfinders - Oklahoma D-day 2009

    15 January 2009 - 11:47 AM

    View PostGhost61, on Jan 15 2009, 11:17 AM, said:

    Are you thinking of giving D-Day 2009 a try? Are you a returning veteran of the game looking for a different challenge? If either applies, I have just the ticket! GO AIRBORNE! The 82nd ABN has undergone lots of changes for the '09 game. The 505th PIR is one regiment within the 82nd that has been reformed from the top down. We need people to fill positions from Company Commanders all the way down the chain to the lowest private. Do you have leadership experience? We have a place for you. New to the game and just want a challenge? We have a place for you as well. The airborne units cover a lot of ground on game day. We engage the opposition in just about every type of terrain you can think of. Thick forest with steep slopes and deep valleys, urban areas, and open fields. We run and gun hard all day long. During the week for those who can come a few days early, we train together, and practice what we learn in mini-scenarios. We learn to work as a team. Sound like fun? Is this the type of challenge you are looking for? For more information check out the 82nd ABN website http://www.us82ndairbornedivision.com/ . Or you can contact me directly at Ghost@rrt-paintball.com . We need good players! The 505th wants to here from you!!

    This may sound strange coming from a German General:

    If you want to go Allied, and you want to play Airborne, then the guys from Robinson Recon are without a doubt some of the finest and most upstanding players I have had the privilage to play with and against in the past four years at D-Day Adventure Park games. If the Axis of Evil seal of approval means anything then the command of the 505th PIR gets it from me. Best of luck to you 505th PIR. You are truely All Americans and a cut above the rest.
  4. In Topic: Panzer Attack April 4-5 2009

    15 January 2009 - 07:25 AM

    I will be attending this game instead of BHD. Hope to be playing in the Hellbilly tank or on foot killing Allied tanks.
  5. In Topic: DDayAdventurePark FORUM is NO MORE!!

    05 January 2009 - 11:23 AM

    The basic reason behind the D-Day forum being closed is due to the lack of new Staff involvement. Someone in charge has to be involved and online every couple of days at the most. Things get out of hand is no one is manning the ship.

    Not sure who is building this "new D-Day forum" that Nathan mentioned. I know it does not involve any German players. I sure hope whoever builds it is not a player on either side so that stigma of one side running the forum dies. And for it to be successful the new Staff has to be involved to the level or more so than Jeremy Hanna was in the past. Mods can run a forum but cannot adjudicated the discussions on game mechanics, at some point the paid Staff has to do their jobs and address game questions.

    Everyone just try to recruit players to the game, calm the masses and try to help the new Staff in their roles. If not, this may be the coup de grace for D-Day. I for one am tired of fighting the cancer eating this game out from the inside. I am going to the Beach to have fun. After this year, who knows...


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