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  1. To go Mil-Sim or Not to go Mil-Sim

    12 December 2008 - 12:36 PM

    So the last few years I've worked more paintball days then I've played, between reffing, starting a small photography business my play time has been nill but next year I want to play a bit more. Thing is my gear isn't in the greatest of conditions, lets face the Curse is afew years old and the electronics are from '04 and since the body mod it hasn't performed well if at all. My second cocker is still ify on working, I still haven't gotten to time it well and I'm dropping it off at a local shop just so it'll get done but it's not the greatest marker, it's literally made from spare parts. So I'm looking at a new marker.
    So now that I'm HEAVILY invested in photography again, I don't want to drop $1,200 on a Ego or Fly but I want something quality, seeing the direction of the industry I'm actually looking back at mechs but on'y want to spend around $600-$700 so I've got to make a list, so far its...

    Top of the line Spyder, cheap, reliable and works great but it's a Spyder.
    Belsales Evo-X Cocker, the king of the cocker hill, the gun that made the Directors Cut, classic though, slider fade adn of course the original Rasta anno.
    And then there's the other side of the coin,
    The ATS AT-4 or AT-10 plus AT-4 Reciever, I know the thing is a maintance hog like my cockers but man, mech F/A, truely unique design.

    The Spyder is like $250 or $300 (Barrels)
    CCM Series 6, not interested in the new $700 system but man this thing is butter, $500 Dusted.
    The Evo is $675 plus clamping feed
    The ATS is around $700 depending on kit or peice-mail which is cheaper.

    So the question is to go Mil-Sim or not?
    I've been a fan of both guns for years, the Evo was a drooling peice when I got into the sport, thing fires like butter and with a CCM kit can be a damn smooth, light wieght pump.
    But the ATS is just bad butt, there's no other way to put it, with a Python kit the thing is accurate consistant and just nasty.

    So you know, I'm set-up for both speedball and scenarion (vest, no cammo only wussies need to hide) I've had a cocker for 10 years now and love them even though they don't always love me. If I can get the Curse running I'd be happy but after last year, poor thing needs some love and may just noy run unless I replace the body (modded body last year that may effect it) which is $200-$300 (Evo body sounds pretty good actually...

    Anyways so thoughts guys? Should I stay with the Cockers or move on to an ATS or just get a Spyder or pump and play?

    Oh and if anyone suggests a Tippman, SP-1 or Ion I'll smack ya.
  2. Election 2008

    05 November 2008 - 08:15 AM

    Wow we're batting a thousand on the post election threads aren't we?

    Can we leave some of the immature victory explanations, racial resentments and everything at the door and act like Americans?

    Obama won with 52% of the popular vote and over 330 electoral votes.

    How about your local elections anything good happen? I know in Ohio they turned down a Casino bill that was pretty screwed up and capped "Pay Check" loan places to 28% interest.

    Honestly though I never thought that in my life I'd see a black President, to think of how far this country has moved in such a short time, 50 years black people couldn't even vote, eat at the same dinners, sit in the same section as white people and now we have a black President. After the dust has settled and time has passed history will look back at us and see our generation as the generation the elected first black President, not only that but a race for the White House with a woman in contention to be the first Female President and then almost the first Femal Vice President. It makes you wonder what else we'll see.
  3. Remember...

    11 September 2008 - 07:41 AM

    Alittle surprised there isn't a thread for this already...

    Where were you at seven years ago this morning?

    I was going to my Military History class, I heard in the halls someone said that a plane hit the WTC, I remeber thinking another yokal in a Cesna flew into it again... I remember walking into that class room and seeing the look on my teachers face, then I saw the images on the TV. After that all I can remeber was thinking, I should be home for this, but my home was 900 miles away, and it wasn't my home anymore, it didn't matter to me though, I shouldn't have been where I was.
  4. Mind Bending Development

    02 September 2008 - 10:16 AM

    A lot of you (well really afew of you) that know me have known about my plans to begin Mind Bending Development over the past SEVERAL years. We'll I finally shut-up and officially began MBD Photography.

    Currently there are alot of paintball photographers out there, basicly solid, pro and semi pro photographers that attend games as players, reffs or just photographers to take pictures, MBD is that and alittle more. Basicly Mind Bending Development is a resource to the paintball community. A professional organization that caters to players of all walks of life, whiether it be in the woods or courts giving players access to resources only seen at major events and high ticket teams. Team photography, event coverage or just solidifing memories of a great day playing paintball. More importantly we can work hand in hand with players, teams, fields and promoters to fill whatever service is needed in the realm of Digital Imagery because after all, we're players ourselves. To offer more service then just photos on-line MBD is working to provide professional lab quality prints on-site so that you can go home with those memories that will last longer then the welts. Currently we a have a small mobile printing operation that does just that, but we are still very much in the development phase, in the past 3 years we've only been able done 1 tounry and 1 scenario, currently we plan to attend Paintball Country's "Zombie Daze" mini-scenario official under the title "Mind Bending Development".

    This is where the community comes in, we need events, teams and fields to give us the opportunity to do more. Check out our site mbdphoto.shutterfly.com and see what we've done so far. (Yes I know its a free site, like I said, "developing") Post comments, tell us what you want because we're only here for you. Currently all of our digital images are free to take (I think, site maybe... hitchy), the services we provide (within reason) are free or very low cost and our prints are reasonably well priced, we're not here to guage players having trouble making ends meet and play, but printing isn't cheap, not yet atleast. As far as what the future holds, that depends on the community for what they want.

    For players by players, we're here for you, cause at the end of the day we are just like you.

    Mind Bending Development,Wrapping our heads around what ever is out there.


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