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  1. In Topic: To go Mil-Sim or Not to go Mil-Sim

    17 December 2008 - 11:17 AM

    So I've reached a decision, sort of, I'm 2 months from buying anything due to timing and well I won't be playing till March (at best). The Curse works, she's needs a good reset on the reg and new springs but she works, most of my problems stemmed from my blender... I mean Halo.

    But I am still buying a new toy and after a long hard thought process I've decided on the Tac8 (basic w/ extra mag and SO Holster) and later this summer a Tac-One. The Curse can send more paint down range then I can pull the trigger, especially now with the PSP caps being applied to certain fields and Scenarios. The Tac8 is the most logical choice for when I'm out carrying a SWAM, I only need afew shots to cover my butt and the Tac8 is accurate enough to fill that need, granted it doesn't have the hopper like I want but when I'm out with 3' of aluminum, I don't want a tank or more then 100 rounds on me. It's light, reliable, will give me many hours of fun when playing rec and I think the best direction without investing in pump right now. Thanks for your guys input, the Tac-One will be ordered some time this year depending on how well the photography goes.
  2. In Topic: To go Mil-Sim or Not to go Mil-Sim

    16 December 2008 - 04:33 PM

    If you read the thread you'd see I'm not looking for a "woodsball" gun, the marker on the top of my list is an Evo! No, the reason why I bring up Mil-Sim markers is for their inherent comfort for field use for several hours but the VAST majority of which offer no direct gains for their added weight, the ATS is unique to that aspect that's why it made the list as well as the TM-7, they are unique. The M-Tac is in consideration but the price most likely keeps it out of the running. As for the DP recommendations, I understand that they're good markers but again they're not on my list, I have my reasons and have stated them, the suggestion is appreciated but I'll pass, thank you.
    And so everyone know's I got a word from AGD the Tac-One Warp bodies will be in stock in 2 months.

    For a grand I'd rather get a Marq, which I don't really want but that's neither here not there, not interested in the Marq, if I want a high end I'd get an Ego or Fly.
  3. In Topic: To go Mil-Sim or Not to go Mil-Sim

    16 December 2008 - 12:32 PM

    Updating the list...

    Evo-X $650 (Rasta/Life Saver Ano), or $550 For E-Conversion
    One of the best markers ever released, fast, light and reliable able to be classic Mech, CCM pump or too fast E.
    ATS AT-4 $745 w/ Light Trigger Pull kit
    AT-10 $445 w/ Light Trigger Pull
    True Mil-Sim, clip fed, 12 bps Mech FA, loud as hell and just mean w/ the AT-10 being an F/A pistol.
    AGD Tac-One $610 w/ ULT & hosing
    WL $660 WL +
    ULE WL $536 Speced out & Delivered
    A great gun, high speed, low drag but sucks air faster then a fat kid running up stairs to get some ice scream.
    Tib8 Trimmed $450 w/ Mag
    A great primary or side arm, light and accurate it's your best freind when times are tough or when you just need alittle something extra.
    TM-7 $400
    Light wieght, fast speed to be considered the modern mag if there ever was one or will be, the TM-7 is a fast package, light wieght and easy to use.
    CCM Series 6 $500
    Shoots like butter, frankly that's all that needs to be said.
    BL Vice $750
    Dear God I can repaint the world, stupidly fast, consistant, reliable and menical more firepower in your hands then you know to do with, added with a Tadao Yakuza and all the trimmings there's little doubt about Bob Long's Intimidator in the 21st.

    Man why is it that I want to make the list shorter yet it gets longer?
  4. In Topic: To go Mil-Sim or Not to go Mil-Sim

    16 December 2008 - 12:15 PM

    It's not an issue with the marker or the company really, the last time I saw a Blazer fielded, honestly the only times (twice) one had fallen slightly out of time the other had a bad trigger spring, both times the players where technically adapt and could probably time a cocker or shim a mag in their sleep but couldn't get their Blazers running, that leaves a very bad taste in my mouth even if it only happens once in a blue moon. I've had my fill of tinker with me guns (yet I'm looking at getting another mag or cocker), I want something to yank out of the box, gas up and run, no questions or doubts when I turn the knob or if it does miss a step I can fix it without sending to the other side of the country. Blazers are good guns but for me, I'd rather of the same thing in a slightly larger package.
    Regaurding the TM-7 vs M-Tac, the TM-7 had it's electronics completely redesigned to fit into the M-7 shell/profile, from what I've seen of the M-Tac it's a Marq in a shell with afew pretty cut outs on the body. Now if the M-Tac has some real changes to it, then I'd give it a second thought, but at the end of the day I'd rather have a Marq then an M-Tac since the M-Tac is inherantly flawed compared to the Marq (Big Heavy Shell) with only cosmetic gains, the TM-7 looks, feels and handles different then the Mini.
  5. In Topic: To go Mil-Sim or Not to go Mil-Sim

    16 December 2008 - 09:44 AM

    Looking for Acme me anvil to drop on Fester...

    As for the Blazer the thought crossed my mind, briefly. As much as Palmers stuff is quality I've seen too many bad experiences with Blazers to want to invest, I'm sure they're great and all but not my cup of tea I don't like a marker that specifly say's touch me there and I'll ruin your week end...

    As for the Ion, upgrades are 1 thing, replacing parts and switches that break is another, I've seen WAY to many Ions become scrap becuase of stripped bango's busted on/offs and needs an decent board out of the box, if I buy a marker and instantly have to drop $200 on a board and feed neck I'm alittle turned off. As for Spyder's there isn't much you can do to a Spyder beyond a spring kit and possibly a new board.

    As for the other post about my "pickiness" I have every high standards for the gear I use, very high. The list I have assembled are markers that I see as worth while investments, I've looked into other such as the Bob Long Vice/Protege and others in my price mark and I am interested in them, just not entirely sure if I want to invest. I am open to suggestions but over the years I've found what markers fit my needs and which clearly don't.
    I like the look and feel of Mil-Sim but I don't like playing dress-up, if I buy a marker I want to be a quality built marker that doesn't have an identity crisis (M-Tac) or fan boy complex (Tippman). The TM-7 is outside of this catagory becuase of it's original design (Mini) and redesign, form and function are smooth and come in 1 package, not 3 over priced ad-ones or dead weight cosmetics and shells.

    As far as AGD goes, my only problem is finding the one I want, I have a warp feed and want to use it, I like the Tac-ONe but for some reason getting a Warp-Left right now is rather hard, I am thinking of just getting a ULE WL but I'm not sure yet.

    The other issue I'm having is that I might actually get both my cockers working, which would be freaking great since I love the Curse (I'll post picks soon and give a story about her later) but with my Law I can carry both so I'm actually giving thought to still getting a CCM (limited paint, a forcing my finger OFF the trigger) or an AT-10 for fun or a Tib8... But yeah the compiled list is kind of my compiled best of for the price range.

    MilSig is yet another supplier of the T68 and Trinity lines, still the same guns.


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