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God's In His Heaven. All's Right With The World.
23 years old
November 3, 1990
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Columbus, GA
*Not paintball :dodgy:<br />*Anime <br />*Mechwarriors<br />*Video games(Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire)<br />*Learning how different paintball guns work<br />*Car repair<br />*Tinkering<br />*Mythology

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  1. Final Mafia IX

    22 August 2009 - 06:40 PM

    On the Planet of Terra, lies a dangerous continent called the Mist Continent. On this vast and diverse land a Fog-like Ether mist covers the low lying areas. This mist is the accumulation of souls. The power contained within the mist has changed the local monsters into vicious beasts. It plagued the poor denizens of the continent until the wise Cid I harnessed the Ether power to run an engine. These Mist Engines revolutionized the sleepy continent into a thriving civilization. As time passed trade, technology, and war came and went, splitting the continent into 3 kingdoms called Lindblum (founded by the wise Cid I), Alexandria (the rival state of Lindblum), and Burmecia (the independent state of the dragoons). Centuries passed since the great wars around Cid’s time, and peace had brought friendship to the kingdoms, along with the sharing of new technology. It seemed as if a golden age had been reached…seemed. Queen Brahn of Alexandria had greater ambitions. Thanks to her Chief Mage Kuja, she has gained the technology to turn the soul rich Mist into powerful Black mage. To produce her powerful army Brahn has commissioned poor, rural, farming villages to run the factories in exchange for greater capital.

    This is where our story takes place, in the sleepy town of Dali. The mafia is taking advantage of the increase in government spending to line their own pockets. They have joined the Queen’s war machine and have now pressured some of the town to work for them. The town was outraged by the new work. Not only have the crops been neglected, but harmful mist has been pumped up from the valley below, causing dangerous monsters to appear. The town has had enough.


    Rules borrowed from mafiascum.net and previous game rules from this forum.

    1.) The game will start Sunday at 10:00am EST. Days will last 48hrs and are subject to change with general consent of the players.

    2.) All votes must be in bold. Any votes not made in this format will not be counted. Exception will be made if you cannot bold your votes. If you want to change your vote, first unvote your previous selection, then vote again in the above format.

    3.) When a player receives a majority of votes to be lynched, they are dead--even if I haven't been on to announce his death and reveal that player's role. I'm trusting you, the players, to help me keep track of votes. I will check, of course, but it will help make my job easier.

    4.) If discussion is lagging or the day is dragging, I may set a deadline. If I do not receive the necessary PM's within that time period, the game will move on into night with the night-actions I have already received enacted the following game day.

    5.) All posting is allowed, be it game related or just good fun. I will however hold you to the general guidelines of posting as enforced by the Spec Ops Staff.

    6.) Once dead, no posting, "Bah" posts included. You will be allowed one post to express your emotion, but dead players may not reveal valuable info. You will be PM'd upon death, as soon as I get to the thread after a lynching. You can then PM mewith your final post and I will convey all your unadulterated thoughts to the players.

    7.) Try to post as often as possible. If something arises which prevents you from posting for a prolonged period of time, please inform me and I will find a replacement. Notify me in-thread if you want me to prod an inactive player.

    8.) DO NOT quote anything I PM you. Role claiming (claiming to be a certain role) is fine, but you are not allowed to quote my PM's.

    9.) Do not verbally abuse participants of this game at any point. Doing so will result in punishments up-to and including modkills and reporting you to the staff.

    10.) Out of Thread Chat is allowed and encouraged, but please keep it to a minimum. I have given some players permission in their roles, but others chat at their own risk.

    2.) Do not edit your posts. Just make any corrections in another post. Only edit if you correct your mistake after just posting.

    13.) Breaking any of these rules subjects you to any action I deem necessary.

    14.) No Print+Screens to be shown in public.

    15.) This is a game. Have fun!

    16.) Dual-accounting gets you permanently banned from mafia games on this forum.

    When you have received my PM, please verify you have received it by posting: "confirm". After you confirm, Spam the thread until I say the game can begin.

    -There may or may not be other 3rd Party roles active in the game.

    -If any participants PM you during the game, please let me know immediately. All OOTC is allowed, but I wish to keep track of your actions. A brief summary of players name and general action is all I require.


    I will further update the Thread as I write more and send PMs. Please be patient.
  2. WTB a few things

    17 July 2009 - 06:59 PM

    I looking for a few things to finish up my Automag, Phantom, and other pumps. What I want is specifically listed and doesn't allow for random offers, but offer up anything if it seems remotely close. I pay with Paypal or USPS Money order.

    Primary wants
    10rd tubes- I need 30 minimum, 40+ are preferred.
    8" stock Phantom barrel- blue preferred, black or black/blue acid acceptable; gold,yellow, or blue/gold acid tolerable if cheap.
    22ci 3000psi tank without reg
    level 10 Automag bolt kit

    Secondary wants
    2 trigger shoes- black only
    Phantom feed cap- black highly preferred, but any color will do if it's cheap.
    Phantom velocity adjusting rod with plastic end
    1/8" NPT quick disconnect
    5.5-6" braided line
    .45 Automag frame- single trigger preferred, double blade trigger after that, offer any others.

    Understand that some of these items are rather cheap, so don't expect me to pay a lot for shipping. The main articles I'm looking for are the Lvl 10 bolt, and the Phantom barrel.

    I will be posting a sales thread soon that I can trade items for. If you wish to contact me, PM is the best route, but do post in here first.
  3. 02 RF Sniper II

    24 February 2009 - 09:52 PM

    Keeping it.
  4. Task bar problem

    11 January 2009 - 01:40 PM

    While surfing through the forums, I believe I mis-clicked and dragged my taskbar from the bottom of my screen over to the right. Instead of being horizontal, it is now vertical. I tried dragging it back and trying to fix it through the properties option, but I fail at some computer skills.

    Does anyone have a solution to this or if you have run into it before? If anyone knows how to take screen shots, I can post a picture up.
  5. Forum Name Suggestion

    09 December 2008 - 09:29 PM

    I'm getting a little tired of people misspelling my forum name. Some get close, some concede defeat and only use a syllable, while others don't even pretend they can spell it. The name started off as smashing a keyboard for a paper title, and the name evolved to what it is today. I have a fond attachment to it but I feel that I can move on if I must. So, offer up any weird name you can think of that's not too hard to remember. Any and all will be considered.

    I'll start us off with my own method, but you can try your own.
    lkiarwtbcblkblsacnfdjuh > Ilkairwatacibicksacknfdujin > Ilkair, Watacib, and Nyudjiin. What can you find?


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  1. Photo

    Veritech Squad 

    06 Feb 2009 - 23:38
    I restored the glory of my Red avatar.
  2. Photo


    15 Jan 2009 - 18:35
    *1000 needles*
  3. Photo

    The Shepherd 

    17 Dec 2008 - 18:50
    Why the cactus?
  4. Photo


    10 Dec 2008 - 22:26
    What is that catus from? lol.
  5. Photo


    05 Nov 2008 - 18:02
    Who is this handsome devil? He looks so familiar.
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