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God's In His Heaven. All's Right With The World.
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November 3, 1990
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*Not paintball :dodgy:<br />*Anime <br />*Mechwarriors<br />*Video games(Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire)<br />*Learning how different paintball guns work<br />*Car repair<br />*Tinkering<br />*Mythology

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  1. In Topic: Pump Discussion Thread V.3

    23 October 2009 - 08:48 PM

    1. I'm still alive.
    2. I am checking on you guys almost daily, but I've had no time to post anything that hasn't already been mentioned then thrown to spam-hell.
    3. Droop, I would totally sell off my autococker, phantom, and nelspot to buy a judicium. I have the cash already, but I would need to make it up by selling my already neglected guns. I'd like to keep my inventory down to a pump and a semi.
    4. While on the nelspot subject; Camo, [W.Brady]does Viher have to slap a hoe?[/w.brady] Give me at least an update on your plans.
    5. Dink, Sorry about your B-day on the forum. If it makes you feel better, mine got passed up last year due to elections and I've been here since '06. But I know these guys will make it up to us :rolleyes: ... :mellow: ... :dry:
    6. Lego, glad you brought someone over to the "rock back" side. I converted my Phantom pretty quick and I've never looked back.
    7. To the rest of the SOPC, keep playing hard or working hard to play. I'll try to pump sometime this year.

    As far as life goes, I'm loving my Geology courses. I'm actually heading out on a field trip tomorrrow to check out the sediment formations of the ancient Georgia/Alabama coast, and the 30 oct-1 Nov., I'll be camping the weekend in North Georgia to check out a few sedimentary formations and fossil hunt with the Fossil Records class, not to mention anything I do with the campus Geology club. Their all buddies with the Geology professors, so we can tag along on class field trips and get excused from each others class.

    If I find some more 65-145million yo fish poop, does anyone want me to karma it? Apparently there's even some that turned into Fool's Gold
  2. In Topic: Classroom Shenanigans

    23 October 2009 - 04:37 PM

    View PostSO45615, on Oct 22 2009, 01:02 AM, said:

    ...and in math i would sharpen up my pencils real sharp and toss them up into the ceiling.. at one time i had 6 pencils up there and my teacher kept getting pissed cause she never found out who did it...

    In my sophomore year, my friend and I found a 50 pack of eraser-less test taking pencils in a supply closet. We sharpened both sides of the pencils then stuck them ALL to one tile of the drop ceiling above the teacher's desk. The best part was that it was a small school in an old building which had a good 20ft ceiling, so the school had to wait for a volunteer to come with a ladder on the weekend. It was a good 2 days of sharp pencils dropping like icicles onto the teacher's desk. All the boys at the school we're willing and capable of doing it, so we never got punished directly.
  3. In Topic: Help me please woods class need ideas

    06 October 2009 - 11:27 AM

    Giant NES Controller

    Considering an NES can be found used for cheap, and the nostalgic games are rather fun, I would do it. The only thing stopping me is the lack of a router to round the edges professionally.
  4. In Topic: Final Mafia IX

    16 September 2009 - 07:36 PM

    And the winning order is:

    1. LoD, Sparta, MaDuce- Mafia LoD pulled off the win by surviving with only one townie and neutral party left.

    2. Ace- Black Waltz Stayed alive for the game and "accomplished" his mission to kill the Dragoon. He would have been first if he had been recruited as the mafia Don.

    3. MightyMike- Dragoon Knight Sir Fratley Died before completing his mission to kill Black Waltz, but because he is a third party, he technically didn't lose to the mafia win.

    4. headhunter2- Morrid(doc) His mission was to protect the townies of Dali, his prize, was coffee. For every townie he protected, he received one rare coffee. Morrid had helped 2 of the 3 townies before his death at the hands of the townies. In the end, he still ranked low from the town loss. Not bad for the first time out, just stuck his head out a little too far.

    5. Gauss- Townie He lived(an impressive feat) but lost, what more can I say. Have fun burying the dead.

    6. \/ Everyone else below \/
    Mech, M.O.P.- Townies ...dead townies
    Mitch-Bartender(investigator) A cop with no gun. He had to convey his findings to the correct people. I can't help but feel he went astray, but in the end, he still died as a townie.
    Epic, ike- Masons Props go to the Masons. These two Wheeled and Dealed with most of the town trying to catch culprits and find their savior Dragoon. In the end, their jabbering got them killed by a brutally efficient MaDuce, but not without stirring up a hell of a mess.
  5. In Topic: Patrick Swayze

    14 September 2009 - 09:51 PM

    It's sad to see such a good actor go, but we can always look back at everything he's done. Time to go re-watch a few of his movies.

    *Raises AK* WOLVERINES!


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    06 Feb 2009 - 23:38
    I restored the glory of my Red avatar.
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    *1000 needles*
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    Why the cactus?
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    Who is this handsome devil? He looks so familiar.
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