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  1. Having Trouble Programming my Rip clip....Help plz

    25 November 2012 - 05:19 PM

    i found instructions how to do but its not working... can anyone help me with this... this is what its doing when i do the following.

    (BT Instructions)

    5. Setting the Speed.
    "When the Rip-Clip is first turned on, while the LED flashes for one long second, press
    and hold the power button again during this flash. When done properly, the LED will
    now change to red and you can release the button. The LED will only stay red for
    about 15 seconds"

    -Whenever i try to do this a red light comes on until i let go and the light blinks green 2 times and then orange 2 times and then the rip clip turns off. not giving me any time to program. like said instruction.

    Im not going to list any more instructions because i cant even get it to do the first step properly.. anyone can help me plz?
  2. Were do i post this im lost.

    27 July 2012 - 11:26 AM

    im new to forums more or less and i kinda wanna find if someone has done a home made barrel shroud that looks kinda like the m16 shroud u can buy.

    buy idk were to post and i cant find anything.

    Anyone help me plz?
  3. apex barrel size?

    05 June 2012 - 07:58 AM

    I got my apex barrel on like a 7 inch barrel about. (didn't measure) and i seen the apex tape method and thought of putting it on my 14" empire night stick. i tried it but i think i noticed something id rather ask then go through my hpa tank of air to test.

    Does a longer barrel affect the apex tips response time?
    -what im trying to say the longer the barrel, the longer the barrel has to travel until the curved ball affects take place?

    And also... what are the negative and positive affects to a longer apex barrel and what length is yours? or would you like to have.(barrel length itself plz without the tip on)
  4. Barrel Extention???

    29 April 2012 - 03:59 PM

    Ive seen those custom barrel kits to change lengths of barrels and the barrel inserts but i dont want to buy a full kit for god who knows how much or a barrel insert because the ball size/barrel size are just fine.

    What im looking for is about a 3-5 inch barrel or something that i can insert into the gun were the barrel would normally go and then beable to screw my gun into that. To well obviously extend the barrel. I dont want to buy a new barrel and i just want to make it longer than it is... my current barrel is only 8 inch, with an apex, and i dont want a new barrel, i would just like to hit around 14 inches.

    Do you know of something like this, were i can get it, and how much?


    Photo should make it much more obvious... trust me some people just dotn get it. =) and ty should u find something.. guns a bt-4 btw but again.. photo makes obv
  5. Leaf camo Painting??

    29 April 2012 - 09:45 AM

    I know there is woodland camo out there but were i paintball there are not much green around. Its mostly all barriers and the ground which consists of a very few sticks and mostly all dead brown leaves.

    The Type of environment im in exactly is not much tree's to take cover behind, so no tree camo. Not much green, so not woodland either. WHAT is there though is barriers made of sticks, a few sheds which are bad in anyway. and wooden barriors with sometimes neting on top.

    So im looking for a for the most part brown/tan oak leaf like camo. with mabey a few stick looking camo parts on it.

    If you find any how to thing on this or have an idea on how to do it, Thank you...


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