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  1. WTS Palmer Barrel

    27 May 2010 - 02:24 PM

    Dual Ported 12" Palmers. A5/X7 threaded. Great condition, lightly used and freshly polished. With the smoothness of brass and Palmer's unique elliptical honing makes this one of the quietest, most accurate barrels ever made.

    Retails for $125. This is yours for only $80 shipped to 48 states.
    Paypal or MO only please.


    Posted Image
  2. BT Rip Clip 98 Duracoat

    27 March 2010 - 04:52 PM

    You're looking at a BT Rip Clip for the Tippmann 98. I purchased this last year, and I'm selling it because I no longer use the Tippmann. I only got to shoot a few rounds through it, and it has not seen a game.

    I'm including an X7 low profile hopper, the Rip Clip, original hopper, box, manual, and custom Duracoat olive green/grey/black tigerstripe paintjob so your hopper won't be what gives you away. You're sure to turn heads on the speedball field with the custom ninja skull-and-crossed katanas motif worked into the pattern, too. The original hopper is stock black.

    Asking $70 shipped.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  3. Slivers-Slivers for presidency

    02 November 2009 - 11:36 AM

    Slivers- prez
    Slivers- vp

    If Slivers-Slivers is elected, I promise to occasionally visit the forums, and allow Puzuma free reign to carry a big mallet, even though he's no longer an active duty S.O. enforcement agent. I also promise to repeal gravity on the forums. Snakeskin will be the new digital. Horror-comedy will be the official movie genre.

    A vote for Slivers-Slivers is a vote for an unspecified system of amorphous government where people disappear (even more) randomly and are replaced by cute multi-colored teddy bears that have their button eyes torn out. Vote for Slivers-Slivers, and ensure a brighter future for a limited minority at some unspecified future time!

    The Slivers-Slivers campaign reserves the right to edit this post at any time.
  4. Bearing modified 98 TechT Fang, Hair Pin set

    22 June 2009 - 04:55 PM

    I have a complete trigger upgrade set for the Tippmann 98.

    This includes:
    - Black 98 TechT fang trigger
    - full TechT Hair Trigger Kit
    - OD green Duracoated GTA double trigger guard.
    - Spring/slide/pin assembly for mech builds

    All parts were purchased for a 98 Custom mech build that I never had time to finish. Everything is unused, includes all parts, no packaging.

    About the trigger: This trigger is the only one of it's kind.
    It has been precision machined to accept dual press-fit stainless steel/teflon ABEC-7 ball bearings. This is THE smoothest trigger for the Tippmann 98 on the planet. It's the only mechanical 98 compatible double trigger machined from stiff high grade aluminum alloy, not the flexy stuff the other Tippmann triggers are made from. You get a far better feel for the RT and faster walk time with electronics. :rolleyes:

    Asking $45 shipped for the whole thing.

    PICTURES!!! WoooH!

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  5. ReTro Valve

    25 May 2009 - 11:38 AM

    Hey guys,

    Just about to purchase my first automag. I'm looking at a ReTro mag, Lvl10 bolt, and a benchmark double trigger frame. I hear the benchmark frame is AWEFUL. Any truth to that? I've been told the RT mags take different frames. What's compatible?

    Sorry if I sound like a complete newb to this. I am. :(


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