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  1. Camouflaged Webbing and Straps

    11 December 2011 - 10:23 AM

    So I'm looking to buy a lightweight vest in MultiCam with a minimum of 2 pods, 1 tank, and a radio pouch on the front, with nothing on the back. Even just a decent light MOLLE shell would be fine for me, if I could also locate the pouches to go with it.

    Except here's my problem. I have been immensely frustrated over the last couple of days during this search online, for multiple reasons. Foremost among those reasons is that, apparently, nobody makes vests, harnesses, pouches, tank holders, or any other paintball gear ENTIRELY in a given camouflage pattern. Sure, there's always a patch of the pattern on the pouches themselves, but the straps, clips, buckles, webbing, etc is always a solid color and almost always obscures the pattern itself to such a degree that it's rendered practically worthless. A majority of the lightweight gear I've seen offered online has had a higher percentage of single-color than the base camouflage pattern itself.

    Additionally, there appear to be no active paintball forums anywhere on the internet. Even the major paintball.com-esque websites get more threads in their "Off-topic" and "General Discussion" forums than in their gear/tactics/reviews forums.

    Does anybody make FULL MultiCam gear, and are there any paintball forums online that aren't totally deserted?


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