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  1. Buying gun, have money to spend

    04 December 2011 - 07:33 AM

    I posted this in the wrong forum last time, maybe Ill have better luck here. I want a Tippmann, with an Air-thru stock and a super accurate barrel. It sounds and looks to me that Tippmann offers the best reliability yet retains the feel of an actual rifle. I want the feel because it'll come more naturally to me as a soldier, and the accuracy/long game for more efficient post deployment stress relief. Ive seen pictures from this site with A5s having MP5 foregrips and stocks, maybe I can add my own custom barrel to the mix? I also want to know what a normal combat load is, as in air tanks and pods so I can buy gear accordingly, and a good mask brand and cheap yet effective Red Dot sight while I'm at it. Due to service, Ive got all the multicam crap I need to survive the apocalypse, so I'll be leaning towards that style of camo.
  2. After 9 months of deployment....

    29 November 2011 - 01:26 AM

    Well after 9 of twelve months in lovely Afghanistan, I've come to the conclusion that my transition back to the civilian world will be much easier with the aid of a paintball gun. I'm willing to spend a fair amount of cash on this, so dont be shy about some of the expensive stuff. As a side note it'll be woodsball Im interested in, and from the looks of it I came to the right place. A gun set for assault/accurate fire and all the pods, swabs, balls, gear to go with it is the bottom line. And hey, anyone with some good recommendations for woodsball in Hawaii let me know. EDIT: Sorry I posted it in the wrong category. Clicked the wrong one, please delete.


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