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  1. In Topic: kill cam with some duel wielding action

    13 August 2011 - 11:01 PM

    View PostLt.Col.Vortex, on 10 August 2011 - 08:25 PM, said:

    I like it, nice job!

    Yah the song is overused, but if you dont like, then dont listen to it...problem solved.

    You run and gun like an ex tourney player...are you? You can really whip that X7 around too..and accurately too I might add! Your duel welding was pretty good, very smooth.

    Did you tag that ref at 1:37? And 2:53-3:00 was a nice run! And I just love your field.
    in hindsight id go with another choice in music or just went audio, but im not about to spend another 2 hours piecing it together,lol, im fairly new to painball,been playing for 2 months every saturday,got my tpx 3 weeks ago, i went for my 8th time just today,the coil make it pretty easy i can get like 3-4 mins of stable accuarate shots, it gets heavy though its a tippmann lol id guess 6 lbs loaded, as for the ref i dont think so, but i did get one in the container in the night game he said he was in there with like 6 heads got like 18-19 of the 20 on the other team, statistically my best run yet, that night game rush....if you wanna check it out you can search VAGBLASTERXL on youtube, its called night game massacre

    appreciate the compliments man!


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