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  1. In Topic: So you're gonna bring a girl to play?

    27 October 2011 - 03:09 PM

    I think one of my friends must have seen this lately. He brought a girl out to a game for their first date. She loved it and so did her sister. Now if only I could get the wife out to play.
  2. In Topic: My pet peeves.

    27 October 2011 - 02:59 PM

    I know this is an older post but as I am getting back into the game I thought I would chime in with some things I've noticed since coming back. I've learned to more or less deal with things and not let it get to me to much. I play with a group of close friends so I guess it is a little different in some ways.

    I still have pet peeves and it comes down more to the old saying "treat others how you wish to be treated". I don't mind lending out my extra marker or giving someone paint if they run out in the middle of a fight. I also don't mind helping someone with questions or if they have an issue with their marker. I bring a set of tools, extra tanks, hoppers, pods and water encase anyone needs it. But I expect to be asked before someone just helps them self unless I already told them to help them self's. I also believe if you borrow something you should return it in as good if not better shape then it was when you borrowed it. I let a friend use my main marker as I was going to sit out that game and his marked messed up the game before. He came back and my marker was covered in paint, I was a little bad but just shrugged it off and started to wipe the paint. My friend made me stop and took the marker from me. He said he borrowed it, he would clean it off. He also filled the hopper back up after he whipped it off.

    I hate cheaters, we played at a field a couple of weeks ago where a scenario was canceled so a lot of refs decided to jump in our game. We made friends with a few of them so we thought it would be cool to play with them. We soon found out that a handful of them felt that since they were refs and were friends with the people currently reffing the game that they could bend the rules. There were multiple times where I saw them get hit and the paint broke and they just whipped it off. One guy even asked me if it busted and I pointed out the two places he had hits, he just looked at me and then went back into the fight. At the end of the day we were talking to some of the other teams and they shared similar experiences.

    Over cocky players and players who just brag or look down on others. One of the fields we often go to has a father and son team that show up an full speed-ball gear. They are good but they act like they are better then everyone else, the son more so then the dad. The son is maybe 12 or 13 and often bad mouths others. At the same field we saw one guy be asked to surrender (the field has a 20 foot surrender rule) by a kid with a rental and as the kid asked him to surrender he just lit the kid up (not sure if this should be under the cheaters or the cocky area), after the game the guy bragged about getting the kid out.

    I have others but most have been covered multiple times and I just wanted to share some recent examples. Please everyone, new players or vets, just remember to treat others with respect.
  3. In Topic: Tippmann Picture Thread

    13 October 2011 - 12:19 PM

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