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  1. In Topic: MEDICS and other positions

    29 June 2011 - 12:16 AM

    Hello all! I'm new to this forum but read this thread and wanted to add my idea for a medic position to see what you all think.

    Here it goes...
    My idea makes it a both, medic and rescue game all inside an elimination game. If u r hit, the protocal calls for u to drop to the floor, scream out "medic" or "I'm hit!" Head or face shots r automatic kills.

    After a reg hit however, both teams can attempt to get to the wounded member. If the enemy gets close enough and taps the downed player, he becomes a pow and must follow the enemy players unless they get hit in the fire fight, particularly the player that did the tagging. Then the pow stays put on the ground until tagged again. So the enemy must still defend itself as they take their enemy back to a designated pow spot.

    if the rescue team gets to him 1st, then the hit must be washed away with a damp cloth by a medic only. Afterward, duct tape style tape must be used to cover the blotch and the splater must be wiped away as well. After that, the player must be tagged with an armband that identifies him being saved. U only get 1 free save.

    If a player becomes a pow however, he is still in the game, just inactive and taken to a pow Bunker by the enemy. If the rescue team can get to that camp safely, a medic can save several people at once if he works fast with a support team that can defend him. This adds huge advantage in retaking the game if u save an entire camp.

    So how does it sound? A bit complicated, but with cooperation, i think a game like this would take paintball to another dimension.

    And because of the difficulty in defending or rescuing a patient, a medic is fully armed with both sidearm and rifle marker

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    05 Jul 2011 - 11:28
    Well hello there, I am Lt.Col.Vortex. I was browsing the forum and I cam across you and noticed you are a new member. I would like to welcome you to the Spec Ops forum and I hope that you enjoy your stay.
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