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  1. In Topic: Rec-ball - woodsball field rules

    07 May 2011 - 08:11 AM

    Im going to throw a few more things out there:

    On this Picking teams thing... I took a short trip in the way back machine, and remembered that Back when paintball was nearly new, we didn't "pick teams" more than once usually. At least at the NSG fields i went too. you got there on time or you had to wait to play, teams were divided up before any game play and people who came together played together, as much as possible. but here's the weird thing:
    You played on the same "Team" all day long!
    You actually got to know the people you were playing with a bit, you had a chance to develop strategy, and learn to work together, and had to do this fast if you wanted to win. also by being a bit more formatted, game turnaround was faster, everyone broke for lunch at the same time. I don't think we ever got in less than 8 games in a normal day, and that was 5 acre plus fields with 20 on 20 minimum usually. some of the best teams from the 90's started playing under this format in the 80's... but we seemed to have forgotten it completely.

    Of course if the teams were really unbalanced corrections would be made, but that could be figured out by the second game usually. regular "teams" (players who routinely played together ) either only played against other regulars and were not a part of the bigger group, or we're split up so there was an equal mix of walk ons and regulars,or a bit of both, but never were the walk ons simply set up as targets for the regulars.

    We've also made the game availability so casual, i think its hurting us all around. ill be the first to admit, I'm in no hurry to show up at a field any any preset time. But, if everyone had to be there by say 10am, and this was a known expectation(and it would be advantageous for me to be there on time), you suddenly have allot more people ready to play, bigger games, more fun, than people just showing up a little at a time through out the day (resulting in fewer and smaller games,) which appears to be the norm , at least at the fields I've played at in the south east. I think a more rigid schedule would be very helpful to all involved. (you also have parents with plann'able days and a better idea of when to pick up little johnny.)

    0900: arrival, registration, game prep
    0930: Orientation (if you miss orientation you will not be permitted to play until field staff has time to catch you up, you may miss several games <wink, wink>) and have some one dramatic and entertaining do the orientation, it should be memorable and fun! "no punji sticks, no playing Tarzan and climbing trees, please do not dig spider holes or have your velocity turned so far up it leaves exit wounds, our field speed is ..."- you get the idea..
    0945: Team picks by field staff using field sign up roster (that has age, experience info,): alpha team- john from middle towns group of three, rich from park shore group of two.... beta team- Olympic pools group of six, Etc..
    1000: game on (refs assess team balance and how to adjust if needed) set game durations, decided by field based on site specifics. maybe two games back to back, then 10 min breaks (remind players to drink water, fill tanks, get paint, buy that grenade at the pro shop, etc.) , then another set of back to back...
    1200- 1230 lunch
    1245 game on...

    this way everyone knows when the next game is, maybe even who their playing, if they have time to run to the restroom, get air, and so on. every day is a mini tourney (even with woods ball), with end of day "winners" if you keep score..(we used to even get prizes for the days most winning team!) could even use a white board for the brackets to keep track of which teams played who plays next etc.. but fun, not so serious that it gets ridiculous, save that for the real event days.

    too much? spit it into two session, am and pm.... Or, just do it this way on you busiest day, makes things manageable, and make the other weekend day the casual play day, whatever.. just ideas here, most of which are things we were doing in the 80's as sop's.

    anyone need a field or marketing manager?? I'm open at the moment... just kidding, sort of :)
  2. In Topic: Rec-ball - woodsball field rules

    28 April 2011 - 09:06 AM


    It used to be that you had to chrono and get a piece of tape that said you were chronoed. And mid-day, you had to chrono again. Some fields do an even better job by doing random chrono checks on the field with hand helds.

    Id forgotten all about that! so simple, why did we get away from that? Its such a simple solution, and all but guarantees chronograph discipline. another option would be to punch holes in the paper "yes i paid to be here" bracelets if the field uses those. but the answer is simple, implimenting it does take a bit of work on the fields part, but once established, players will be reminding staff when they forget to bring out the chrono. Thats a safety culture you want!

    Its the little stuff that makes the day, having water available drink or to wash up / cool down with, convenient chronos and a good safety culture, clear directions, field rules, etc. these are the things that make an average field into a great field... I dont care if your field only has three pallets on each side and a couple of felled trees for cover, im still going to have fun if im not stressing over the bs stuff. Oh, and if your teenage ref gets a "fear me, I am god here" attitude, please slap him/her in the head so hard he or she does a flip... (okay, just threaten to, dont actually do it.) They need to be firm, fair and consistent, and respectful, always, with zero exceptions.
  3. In Topic: Rec-ball - woodsball field rules

    26 April 2011 - 08:13 AM

    new here, but not to paintball, and this is a GREAT topic, and some awesome input. ill add my 2 cents and apologize in advance for length, as im passionate about these topics, and my comments are mostly relevant to big events rather than day play.
    this in no way is added to criticize or insult anyone, just an honest review of what appear to be standard practices, at least down here in the mosquito state...


    Lack of available chronographs: I know new players and kids like to shoot the chronos, but that the cost of doing business, and it doesn't cost much to get a 14 year old to sit by the chrono, make sure all players are dialed in, and show new ones how it all works. Removing chronos and using the excuse that "people shoot them" is unacceptable, and Ive lost count of the number of times ive heard that from field staff over the years. I was at a field recently and they didnt have a chrono out, HOWEVER, as I was at the range (where a chrono shouldve been) a ref literally ran over with a hand chrono, explained their big red was out, and checked my marker with his pocket chrono. That is a culture of safety which should be applauded. ofcourse they shouldve had a back up big red, but they were handling the lapse professionally. Ive found fields that dont chrono regularly, or dont have them out except at the beginning of the day, do not have a "culture" of safety. that attitude also infects other fields when those players go elsewhere, those are the ones found shooting hot... so put a chrono out, stick it in a plexi box and chain it down if your worried about it... but have out , all the time, and your field will be so much safer and the players will have a constant tool and reminder to keep things safe. I shouldn't have to bring my own chrono, though i usually do. if i have to actually use it at your field and there isnt a special circumstance (long lines, mishap, etc.), chances are im not coming back.

    Have a BYOP Day once in awhile: I support FPO fields, I think most <adult> players understand that fields need to be able to pay the bills, but i also end up with extra paint everytime. Ive only been back in the game for a few months, and ive already got a full case of extra paint left over from three events. If every field had a BYOP day once a quarter or so, i think it would boost their reputation and appreciation of their players. im sure there are still some fields that do this, but it should be a standard, not an exception. Id even go for a mini scenario where you charge me a few more bucks , but let me blow off my old paint a few times a year. And fer gads sake, let me buy a half case or even a 500 bag at your scenario if you don't do that now. you can even up the per ball cost a little , ill gladly pay it if it means i wont be lugging half a case of paint or more home. youll be able to sell the split cases, most fields worry theyll run short anyway these days from what i hear...

    AIR/CO2 Fills: Get back to the one rate deal please, just charge :X: dollars, dont charge me another added fee for all day air. I know bulk co2 has gone up, and compressors are expensive , but im seeing this extra $10 or so for all day air on top of greens fees at big events now and its silly.. just add em together and charge me one price. I fill my own tanks, or use 12 grams half the time anyhow, but im still going to pay your field for the air, because thats the right thing to do, even though technically i could decline that extra fee, but then your be looking at me like "is he using my co2? he didn't pay for that..." not worth it, make it simple people...

    Specialty paint: Make your policy clear, especially in scenarios and big games, Can I use that bag of tracer rounds(glow balls), first strikes, or paint granades ive had around forever in the game and what do i need to do to get permission? itll enhance your game and make things more fun, but no one has an answer when i ask, theres nothing in the rules on your field website, and the last thing i want to do is tick off the field staff so the fun stuff gets left home. let me buy a special permit for a few extra bucks or something ...

    Directions: A little bit back I spent 45 minutes looking for a field that was 15 minutes from my home (that id never been too before) because the online directions were missing a street you have to turn on in order to get to the field. i arrived late and ticked off, not a good start. please have excellent directions, a good map and a cell phone at the field i can call if i get lost on the way. In the same category, if you print a flyer for a special event, please at least point me a web page where the game rules are, let me know what accommodations are available (can i camp on site? are there flush bathrooms or porta potties?, potable water available? food? ) I shouldn't need to email or call to find out basics, and itll save the field time as well , less questions to answer. you dont need to have these amenities, but communicating where they can be found if you aren't providing them is still a huge plus.

    As field owners the answers to these questions may be obvious, because you are familiar with your set up. But to someone who's never been to your field, these can be a big deal and you can make their experience much more pleasant and them want to return, with just a bit of forethought.


    Fields that push rapid game turnarounds. I like to play, im old but i still dont need 45 rest between games, I feel a little cheated if ive just spent $100 to play at your field and i only get four games in all day... Bravo for any field that has their refs pushing for quick turnarounds, we can rest a bit more after back to back games, but keep things moving.

    Fields that have chronos out all the time (see peeves above)

    Fields that have great ads and clear and concise directions, rules, and f.a.q.s and update your web site weekly please, its great that you had a big game two months ago, but its over now, put something else up on your home page.

    Clear Fees descriptions. if youve got promo going on, make sure the people on the field know about them (see update website above)

    Rotate your fields, keep the locals humble: its awesome youve got a home team and loyal core group of players, but your not going to build on that if that core group is able to use their advantage to wipe out the newbs every time. get rid of the home team advantage , or keep them out of open play on walk on days. they can be very bad for your business even if their a constant income source for you. Fields that keep the 25bps shooters away from the walk ons with the rentals get a huge thumbs up from me.

    fields that always have drinking water available get a hug thumbs up: even if its just a big thermos and they have to stick their head under it, or its a hose. nothings a bigger turnoff than no water on a hot day and $3.50 for a bottle of supermarket water. most will probably buy your cold water anyway if its reasonable, but some kids just spent all there allowance just to play, give them some water please...

    Formatted games are also a plus: elimination is fun, but throw out a flag every so often, change things up, make it even more fun, the players will remember...

    thats all i got for now, i warned you it would be long but hopefully it will be helpful.


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