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  1. In Topic: A Statement From The President of the United States

    22 March 2010 - 10:07 AM

    To be honest i think the HCR that just passed is way too watered down, i'm a single payer guy who would enjoy a canada style system.
    The stim was to small, HCR doesn't go far enough, how does a guy like me feel about these things, well i feel that i need to try to get not only more Dems in office but Dems who are not just republican-light into office.

    Still how every flawed HCR is, it is a step, i just hope the next step comes sooner after this than this came after medicare (40 odd years), I'd like to see John Dingell add another major HC reform before he retires from representing my Dearborn area family.
  2. In Topic: tippmann tpx or kingman chaser

    22 December 2009 - 05:06 PM

    Yes the remote kit has a check that allows you to continue to use co2 in the marker
  3. In Topic: What to do,

    02 December 2009 - 01:40 PM

    View PostPhenom, on Dec 2 2009, 03:23 PM, said:

    I got rid of my fully modded a5 for the x7 phenom, and at the time i was in the same vote as if i should get it or wait. Ive played a few games with the x7 phenom and I don't miss my a5. There is a lot of reviews for the phenom now.

    Where are these reviews? i'm a tippmann fan, i've only seen the tri-state and wolf's den reviews, any others can point me towards?

    Also in defense of the TPX if you have good paint it works just fine, thank the heavens that the paint i tested is also a local field paint. I have a mod my dad and i are going to try on the tpx as well.

    Due to living in Michigan if i do get a X7 Phenom (powered by AMD?;) maybe pair it up with my Phenom II X4) it will be in the spring when i can get out and play again, nothing against winter ball as i use HPA already just it's hard to get people out in the cold, and most of the fields are on limited hours. I'd likely get 2 mods for a X7P a commando stock (i use a A2 kit with my A5) and swap over my J&J or Apex as needed.
    (side note one or two stores locally have X7Ps already, i held one to check out the weight and feel)

    But i'd be keeping my A5 both as a backup and as a loaner maybe as a project base for some ideas i've had. (with a father who's a metal worker we can do some fun stuff)
  4. In Topic: Bullets? No... This is Paintball, Not Terrorism

    29 November 2009 - 02:03 PM

    I tend to use the Term Paintball Gun on it's own, but i also often use the term Marker but rarely with the word paintball. I sometimes refer to Paintballs as balls, ammo, or rounds, but never as bullets since they look nothing like real bullets (first strike aside) and are more like old style musket balls.
  5. In Topic: TPX?

    24 November 2009 - 09:52 PM

    Running a Test with an external Air tank on remote, using Exotic Sportz "Fireball" paint in 50 degree weather, at a 50-60 ft range, and i had no breaks due the loader. I ran a good 80 rounds during the test.

    Mental note don't post when half sleeping, beyond that.

    Other comments at the 50Ft+ range in the hands of a non paintballer (friend of mine) kept to a nice 1ft target zone, All with the short stock barrel.

    Now that i know the type of paint required i'll be using it next time i pistol only, since of the two fields i'd go to one uses Fireball brand, and the other allows limited Byop.


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