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  1. Kingman Hammer... noisy!

    26 February 2011 - 06:24 PM

    Hello there, everyone at Spec Ops Paintball and especially the super-cool pump crew. I've been a member of the Brigade for a while now but I'm just dipping my toes into the forums.

    My problem is this: I have an old Kingman Hammer pump, and it's incredible. Ball-on-ball accuracy at fifty feet, easy. I've intricately detailed and polished the internals, and it has a smooth action. I intend to use it mostly as a sniper's weapon, however, and therein lies the Hammer's major failing: it's ridiculously loud. Almost as loud as a .22. I have it cranked down, and it's chronoing at about 275. The problem is twofold, I believe. First of all, the barrel is only about eight inches with no porting whatsoever. Second, a lot of gas smokes out of the barrel with every shot. I think that too much gas is getting into the marker. The latter problem can be easily fixed by installing a regulator, but I'm stumped about the barrel as it seems to be the biggest problem. I've tried fitting several different barrels at a store, but because the Hammer barrel is perfectly even in diameter with the upper of the gun and while finding spyder-thread barrels is easy, finding a barrel that doesn't have a much larger base diameter (that will fit inside the hammer's pump) is nearly impossible. I don't want to affix a silencer that will ruin the accuracy and possibly land me in jail. Does anyone have a Hammer, or have a suggestion about what to do?


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