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  1. Stop most new position ideas

    27 November 2010 - 02:31 PM

    I may be new to posting on this forum but not new to reading it. I am in no way a noob at paintball or spec ops paintball.

    We all know of the flood of new ideas for Spe-Ops based positions. A few are good, most aren't. I have an idea that may end this. It's simple really. Base position off a gearkit, Variance accepted of course. Then we have subdivisions of jobs that are best for the specific gearkit. Example

    Gearkit: Light, manuverable. Objective of gearkit: be fast.
    Jobs: Flank, Run point, make flag runs, medic(scenario), engineer(scenario).
    All of the jobs for dagger need to be light and manuverable, because thay have to be able to get around the field, But no position is restrited to a single job at a time. Also there can be variances in jobs, a dagger is not always restricted to to dagger jobs, he can always do something like what a sabre would do.

    In the end it comes down to one thing, go out, play, be yourself. The positions are to make things easier, but they are not the iron fist that you must obey at all times in paintball.

    Debate my idea(of course), and express your opinions, but not violently. Constructive criticism only.


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