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  1. Keep it up staff

    07 November 2012 - 08:53 PM

    WE'VE BEEN HIT!!!!! Dang bots/spammers/forumjackers/general pain in the butts. If you need extra help banning profiles, deleting post, or just general cleaning up the forum I'm sure some of the people around here wouldn't mind helping.

    We still believe in you staff, dont give up :) Would it help if you shut down the forum for a short while and cleaned things up?? And whats with all teh hits all of a sudden anyways???
  2. Dern deer, watch where your going

    17 October 2012 - 07:08 PM


    OK, have fun with this one :)
  3. Mechanical cyclone

    16 September 2012 - 08:20 PM

    SO this is an idea I've had floating around for some time now... a mechanical cyclone. The cyclone uses a spring which keeps the piston pushed back (towards the player) and a burst of air forces the piston forward, and you know the rest. Well my idea is the opposite of that, I utilize a spring pulling the piston forward and a linkage rod that runs to the back of the marker so that the main bolt pushes the piston back to force a ball into the chamber.

    Heres some pics of what I've roughed up so far.

    Posted Image

    14 September 2012 - 06:55 PM

    This is a 1 in a million chance and TartanKiwi had his number called. I sincerely hope you recover soon and completely man.

    WARNING: Graphic image of what happens when paintball and eye meet.

    Paintball meets eye
  5. Drill press help

    21 June 2012 - 07:05 AM

    So for those of you who dont know what I do for a living, here it is.

    I work ( indirectly )for banks and property managers and I take care of houses that they have reclaimed... due to repo or abandonment or whatever. And believe it or not, people leave a LOT of stuff behind. On house in particular that I was assigned to do some work for, there was a drill press ( along with a few other goodies :) ) in the house, so I took it ( yes its my job to clear and convey the house, so no I did not steal it). Its a King Feng Fu 3 speed drill press, m# KFF-6 (000985), Medalist Series.

    Now I've done some looking, but the best I can find is Ebay hits. Dose anyone know anything about this company or this press?? An operators manual, or any information would be helpful.

    It is in great condition and I'll post pics later today.


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  1. Photo


    14 Sep 2012 - 22:02
    And I mean that!
  2. Photo


    14 Sep 2012 - 22:02
    This would eliminate gas from having to blow all the way through the cyclone and just use a piston to do it the same way right? And that would save gas! Not save as much as not having a cyclone but save a lot that's getting burned up with the current cyclone design. Would probably make it more reliable too! That is a GREAT idea! You should prototype it, patent it and then sell i...
  3. Photo


    14 Sep 2012 - 22:01
    So on those weapons the gas line looks like normal but it stops short just where it branches off the barrel, and then the rest of it is actually just a cylinder containing the gas driven piston, the gas vents at the very front once it's pushed the piston back far enough to cycle the bolt, that way you don't have gun smoke blowing into the chamber to do it, dirtying up the components.
  4. Photo


    14 Sep 2012 - 21:59
    That. Sounds. Brilliant! Kinda reminds me of newer weapons like M416/SCAR use a piston to cycle the bolt rather than a gas line. I mean, they're still gas powered, and this would be too, just using a mechanical part to do the work instead of using the gas directly.
  5. Photo


    12 Jun 2012 - 20:21
    Only 'cause I've never been one to give a crap about much of anything...
  6. Photo


    11 Jun 2012 - 21:17
    You would still have a pretty hard time beating out Mobley or Seth, they are pretty handsome young men...and you have that funny looking beard thing going on, and you only shower bimonthly
  7. Photo


    11 Jun 2012 - 20:54
    Mobles is definitely way hotter than you are, might be a good idea.
  8. Photo


    11 Jun 2012 - 20:24
    depends, if you put a picture of yourself up then no...it will not be an upgrade from the current, if you are puttuing up another random pic go for it.
  9. Photo


    21 Oct 2011 - 21:25
    because...PAINTING the case is so dang important...fast faster dude...geez...
    This place is boring without you.
  10. Photo


    19 Oct 2011 - 06:00
    running late for class...and the toilet overflows, good half inch of water on the floor...finally clean it up....10 minutes late for class...still aced the miniquiz at the end of class.
    Also, car accident in front my house this morning at 5 am..
  11. Photo


    17 Oct 2011 - 18:24
    I'm a bit hurt...you are online and not talking, nor did you post in the true false...just finished having a "family fun night" with my fake family...five rounds of sequence, I won two, Becky one 2 and Kris one all of one game...kind of sad.
    Oh, and we had mexican comfort food for dinner, corn tortillas, tomato chunks, refried black beans, spicy beans, cheese, corn and s...
  12. Photo


    16 Oct 2011 - 18:13
    little better...I'm not a huge fan of pizza though, unless it's really well made. Personal favorites would probably be hawiian or chicken parm pizza.
    Maybe you'll be back on the chat before the end of the night...didn't figure you would be on before like 11...
  13. Photo


    16 Oct 2011 - 11:43
    Wow...lame update, ended up going home instead of going to Steve's :( Ate a whole bunch of jerusalem artichokes though :D
  14. Photo


    15 Oct 2011 - 18:48
    I also was not on yesterday. I went up to camp and played Tiberian Wars with some friends of mine, and then spent the night at a house that did not have internet...Today I helped ref a group of 65 people, that kinda sucked, the people were jerks. Then went to a birthday party for one of the kids from my youth group, and seeing as I can't go home.I'm staying at her house, Steve's to...
  15. Photo


    14 Oct 2011 - 05:53
    Sounds like loads of fun...I get to sit through 2 1hr lectures...and 2 2hr labs :D Then I have youth group, so that's not so bad...
    Also, wearing a tank top for the first time in 10 years...I have a bit of a farmers tan :/
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