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  1. Taking bolt out of a brand new pmr10. Help.

    31 July 2010 - 04:29 PM

    Ive serisouly been working on taking the bolt off my PMR10 for about 2hrs but i cant get the freaking backcap off. i unscrew it with an allen and when i try to pull it, it dosnt even move. Its my first time trying to clean it. I just went out to play today.
  2. Looking for a speedball team in the Tampa,FL area

    17 July 2010 - 05:12 PM

    Im a student. I never been on a team. I have been playing paintball for awhile but i dont really know the moves players use in speedball i would love to learn though. I recently just got a PMR. I often play at Kohns.
  3. Could it be my tank or the eyes?

    17 July 2010 - 03:13 PM

    Ok well I wanted to try out my new PMR i just got. I found some paintballs i havnt used it awhile and when i look threw the bag i see some broken ones also. I take the broken ones out and put it in the hopper. I grab my tank (i really didnt want to put my tank on becouse it needs to be hydo'd and thiers dents on the top) put some lube on the threads, turn the asa off and screw in the tank, i didnt hear any air leaking while i was putting on the tank btw.Then i switch the asa to on. I get ready to shoot but the light on the PMR starts blinking green which means eyes are dirty i take the barrel and hopper off. I then grab a paper towel roll it into a roll and stick it in the barrel hole and the hopper hole. After i do that i clean the balls i put into the hopper. I try again and the green light starts blinking again. I take the eys plate's off and try to clean it again. I then try again. Once again the green light starts blinking. I then give up. Turn the ASA off and screw off my tank and i still hear no air leaking.

    EDIT: My tank did say it had air in it, but i dont think it really did. Its an old tank.
  4. First marker i bought with a on/off ASA can someone tell me how itwork

    16 July 2010 - 10:52 AM

    Ok so i just got my Marker shiped in to me like 30min ago. And i was messing around with it changing the modes ect. Still dont know what dwell does but ill get back to that. And i want to know how the ASA works like does my ASA have to be off when i put the tank in and then once the tank is in i turn it on?

    Posted Image
  5. Proto is starting to "lack"

    06 July 2010 - 05:37 PM

    Ok so i orderd my PMR10 yesterday i was excited as you can ever be. The next day i got a phone call from the company telling me they had no more claret PMR10's. So i told the guy i'll call him back and see if their is anyother website i can order from that carrys claret PMR's. Back to back websites were sold out of claret PMR's. It was incredible. So i called the company i orderd from and told them what other colors they had. The guy said only AirForce one. Which was the only color i didnt want. So i told him to see if Proto had anyother color in stock. Turns out they only had black, camo, and airforce one. So i decided to settle with a black on black PMR. And just put some red parts on it. Serously proto? I also called them to see when their getting new PMR's in and they said mid August or September. I have no problem with Proto. I love them. But this was just a little dislike from them.



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