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  1. 7th Annual Battle of Mt. Suribachi

    05 December 2012 - 08:16 PM

    The Rangerball Regiment would like to invite you to participate in the 7th annual "Battle of Mt. Suribachi". Located in the rugged, wide open terrain of southern Utah, this memorable one-of-a-kind event will thrill and challenge your skills and abilities as players and test your physical fortitude.

    The attackers' (U.S. Marines) push forward to secure key terrain, and finally raise the U.S. flag atop "Mt. Suribachi". The defenders (Japanese) try to keep them from their timed objectives.

    Entry is $10 if you preregister by giving us name & phone/email for each player and $15 on the day of the event.

    Choose a side and bring your own paint & air

    We are currently not capping event participants due to local ROTC cadets playing alongside you.

    Due to the limited number of slots available it is recommended that you pre-register ASAP to secure your place on the front lines.

    Check out Rangerball.com or Battalionpaintball.com for more info.
  2. New Team For NE Kansas

    29 August 2011 - 08:40 PM

    I go by the call sign Hell Boy and have for the past 6 years. I am a member of an elite group called Rangerball. We are extremists when it comes to our style of play and our vast scale of events. I am a founding member of the group and have now moved out of the home area of Rangerball (Southern Utah) and want to build up a branch in NE and Central Kansas. I am currently in Manhattan, KS and am looking for any who are interested in being a leader on and off the field.

    SO what is Rangerball?

    Rangerball is a unique branch of paintball, distinct from “speedball”, “recball” or “woodsball”. While it has similarities to scenario paintball or “milsim”, there are defining differences.

    Rangerball is focused on realistic military tactics, as much as possible in the paintball world.

    Rangerball relies heavily on strategy toward achieving tactical EFFECT and RESULTS, not just appearances. We believe that all types of paintball markers and non-tactical clothing have their uses and place within a particular strategy.

    Rangerball strives towards playing tactical paintball where effective formations, camouflage, fieldcraft, communications, and equipment are used.

    Rangerball scenarios are military-related, instead of sci-fi, fantasy, or some other genre.

    Rangerball is effectivly played in very large areas, measured in miles, not acres or yards. We try to avoid using artificial boundaries, because it constrains tactical choices and decisions.

    Rangerball scenarios and tactical exercises, encompasse interesting areas and challanging geographical features with defined objectives and time constraints that naturally define the area of operations (AO).

    Rangerball events and practices require players to pack everything they need along with them into the AO–paint, air, parts, tools, water, food, etc–and to be ready to move through the terrain on foot for at least a mile, often more. This puts emphasis on proper gear (vests, hydration, backpacks, etc.) and on physical stamina.

    Rangerball is very physically demanding, even extremely so, and we actually take pride in making it tough. It is definitely “Not for the Weak or Fainthearted”.
    Rangerball focuses on discipline, teamwork, esprit-de-corps and fostering leadership qualities. This in particular sets us apart from most paintball groups and events. We strive to be organized, start on time, have our gun and gear ready to go, and to be a positive influence on whatever event we participate in. Just as the real Rangers of the U.S. Army pride themselves on being the world’s most elite light infantry, we strive to be the most elite scenario paintball players.

    A word on our connection to the real Army Rangers. We are NOT Army Rangers, or in any way sanctioned or officially connected to them. The men of the 75th Ranger Regiment, and the many who have won the coveted Ranger “tab”, are among the world’s most elite soldiers. As Rangerballers, we respect and emulate the Rangers, but we are not imitating or pretending to be them.

    In the paintball world, however, our events and scenarios are among the toughest (perhaps THE toughest) and we tend to attract the most dedicated and motivated players. We have also had a few active or former Rangers participate in our events, and they found what we do challenging and enjoyable. We certainly welcome others.


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