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  1. apex tip.. but what barrel?

    30 May 2010 - 07:03 PM

    ok so ive read alot of forums and what not trying to decide on what barrel to get and basically come down to deciding on getting the apex tip. but now i dont know which barrel to get to attach to the apex. ive been hooked on getting the lapco bigshot 12" barrel with the apex already on it but im wondering if thats the best choice. im looking more on the side of distance and accuracy and thats where i got the apex idea. my friend also has an apex tip but stock barrel and it outshot my flatline. besides the lapco bigshot i also saw a few more barrels that people were talking about but im just wondering what others think is the best barrel. also if anyone knows of a good website to order from that has the barrel and apex in stock, most places seem to be out of the bigshot atleast. and if anyone thinks what is better the 8 or 12 inch barrel, ive read it makes no difference in distance or accuracy, its just for looks. is that true? thanks



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