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  1. Sp-8 or Sp-1

    16 May 2010 - 10:48 AM

    So ive been paintballing quite a few times but I always rented my gun and equipment. So I decided to buy either the Sp-8 because I love how realistic it looks to a real gun, but I heard the Sp-1 performance is better, and more durable. So I dont know what gun to go for, especially since im a noob on what to get for my gun. I just wanted everyones opinion, and suggestions to what I should get so I can make my gun very intimidating, looks wise, and performance wise as possible.

    Also if you reccommend another gun please feel free to post it on here, I want any gun that is Milsim.

    I wanted to have two separate barrels; one for speedball and the other for woodsball. I was thinking about getting the All-American 16" Inch barrel with the Apex tip for woodsball (reference:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6NbIPQLxWY) and the LAPCO 8" Bigshot (Reference http://www.youtube.c...Q0VF5swWM&NR=1) for speedball.

    I have no idea what to get for a hopper. But I came across the qloader and I like how it looks when you reload and what not so I think I might get that, but I also want the best hopper for the gun.

    Not a clue what to get.

    Other Accessories:
    -Im a noob with all of the upgrades but I heard that I should get a
    - Blackheart board marker.
    - and Id also would like to know what the firebolt, 360 QEV, and Sp-1 Trigger Extension does.

    What I defiantly want is an:
    -Adjustable Stock
    -Mag Light 2 AA Model
    - And Some kind of Scope.

    I appreciate the help, thank you.