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  1. In Topic: My JT Tac5m Recon.

    21 March 2012 - 11:09 AM

    NICE! My first marker was a JT Tac-5. It was always a good marker, the front bolt is cupped and never had a chop. I still take it out to plank with even after getting an X7. I would like to see how you fitted the macro line and replaced the factory hose.
  2. In Topic: pcs us 5 vs tippmann a5

    20 March 2012 - 07:50 PM

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    The bolts from the Tippmanns will fit. Most cosmetic stuff will also fit wit a little dremel action, the cocking rod seams to be a little bit off. The A-5 peep sight is thicker and can not swap. The powertube looks like a 98's but I have not had them side by side yet. You can get a BT Rip Clip for a 98 to fit with some modding. Drive springs are the same, and you should update the PCS guide pin to the metal Tippmann kind (part number CA-15). Some of the trigger springs look the same the the sear looks the same. TechT make a valve spring the might work in a PCS, i have some on the way and will know for sure. JCS use to make an alloy power tube for the US*5. And if you watch on ebay you can get thread drums to switch to A-5 or 98 threads. I have 2 PCS US*5's and an X7. The hammer is different but may be compatible. The biggest difference between the A-5 and the US*5 is around the tombstone area so some mags like the solid alloy MP5 9mm style will not fit the PCS. But the PCS US*5 is a good marker, if they were still in business they would be on par with the BTs and Tippmanns. But you can score a A-5 for 100 bucks sometimes and it will be around for a long time.