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  1. pe tank prob

    21 June 2010 - 04:19 PM

    So the other day i was usint my etek3 with my rotor mounted to a 70ci 4500 fill tank, i had bought about 2 months ago, when i noticed this huge crack in the side.... not from me droping it or anything. just from expantion and contraction. its about 3 inches long and about 1/4 inch wide, ruffly 1/8 inch deep.
    now for the fun part, i go to the website to see about a return and a replacement, well i contacted them 3 times now via phone and no responce, finaly got a email addy so i shot them one of them.....
    what a pain in the kisser
    heres a pic
    Posted Image

    any sugestions??
  2. surefire m962

    15 June 2010 - 04:03 PM

    no pressure switch but works awsome. comes with a few extra bulbs.
    heres what it looks like
    also comes with a ir light cover, compleatly removable but its cool with nvgs on.
    lets say $175
  3. BT TM7 FS/FT

    17 May 2010 - 06:45 AM

    dude cut off comm with me
    no impact no idea on his deal so its back up

    please dont show me junk!
    i am in the hunt for an:
    A5. e-grip. Picatinny rail shroud preff 416 or a4 styal,m4 amg, and a stock.
    show me what you got i am a little flexable.
    would also be interestedin:
    planet eclipse guns
    bl timmys
    DP G3
    pretty much anything mid to high end

    300 firm on the tm7
    hopper- pending to phlemoe on pbn
    i have a mostly stock tm7 with a proto 14 inch barrel for trade

    heres the pics
    pictured is the Pinokio Hopper, and the players kit that the gun can come with. also in the pic is a planet eclipse barrel out of my etek3 that i am not so fond of but i was to lazy to go out to the truck to get the proto.
    i just cleaned and oiled it, replaced all the orings and test fired her out back and she is a smooth machine.
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    sorry no vid as of yet.
    i am kinda new to the spec ops forum but not new to paintball, or bst stuff. i dont have feedback, so if it makes you more comfortable i can call you and exchange info so this can be a smoth trusting trade. the last thing i wanna see is someone loose there stuff or god forbid i loose mine!
    happy biding
  4. ion for sale or trade $125

    12 May 2010 - 09:58 AM

    SOLD local
  5. sly mask

    09 May 2010 - 02:45 PM

    Ok, let me start by telling yall the history: I have been playing paintball for about 3 years and have been kind of a gear/gun whore. I have had most of the masks on the market, looking for the right one. i have had (in somewhat order) V Force profiler, shield, grillz, Dye I3 pro, Empire Vents and EVents, JT flexes and my favs up until last week the JT flex8. Well I came back from a deployment a few weeks ago and while i was gone ordered a proto el mask and played with it my first game back, it fogged like crazy. I was super disappointed with it. so i drug out my trusty flex8 and played the rest of the day with only minor fog but they are getting worn out pretty bad. so i went to the Sportsmanís Lodge, the local field and store were my team and I are affiliated with and I seen the new Sly goggles. Well I am a stickler with money so I was hesitant on $90 purchases, so I thought about it almost a week. Well the Friday before last, the day before we played again I went back into the store and bought them, let me tell you what!!! Well worth the money!! I had only minor complaints about anything and that is there is no forehead protection, and no visor. I played in 90+ temperatures and sweat like a water filter, no fog, super comfortable. The 2 tone lenses worked great in both the woods and in the town were there was extremely bright sun. The double strap held the mask secure to my face and free from slippage.
    The pros: The profile of the mask is a bit small, it hugs my chin but it allows my head to be on a swivel and doesnít obstruct my range of motion. The lens allows for great peripheral vision. The lens is easily removed without the aid of stupid little clips to hold anything in place that are easily lost. The mask is made of a stiffer material that flexes for bounces but doesn't flex to the point of hitting you in the mouth. There are pads inside the ears to protect you from the annoying hear shot, but doesn't affect the hearing.
    The cons: no visor, for people like me with the larger heads...... gets a head wrap... your gunna need it.
    I got the Camo one with the 2 tone tint and clear lens!
    I love this mask!!!!
    Here a pic of me playing with it on at the Sportsmanís Lodge Jacksonville NC.
    Posted Image
    thats me on the left my buddy/teammate Combat Camera off the the right!
    Posted Image
    little fuzzy but me and my new mask and the etek slinging some paint
    Posted Image
    Posted Image



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