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  1. In Topic: That's Just My Opinion 8 : "Woodsball Manifesto"

    12 January 2011 - 08:49 PM

    I gotta say Tyger, I never liked the woodsball manifesto, because it seems to me that your attempting to put woodsball players on the same soapbox that most airball players tend to put themselves on. As for myself, I started with woodsball, as probably most people did, but have since begun to play speedball. Mostly just for conveniance. The nearest airball field is about 5 minutes from my house, where as the nearest woodsball field is about an hour away. Sure, I still enjoy woodsball as much as a did before, but it is just not economically effective for me to play as far as commute and gas goes, not to mention the woodsball field is more expensive. But as I was saying, this always seemed to me as if it was adding fuel to the fire. There is always going to be the stereotype between the two types of players. Speedball players are going to say that woodsballers can't handle the intensity of an airball game, and woodsballers are always going to say that speedballers are hypercompetitive jerks. I've heard both sides of it. I've showed up to an airball field in camo and been insulted to my face, and I've also showed up to a woodsball field in a jersey and been written off as a jerk before I've said a single word. But to conclude, I would say that woodsball players are no better at stereotyping than the speedball player, there are just quieter about it (which I have to say is definatly better than being flipped off for asking someone to put there goggles on), and adding fuel to the fire is just going to make the two sides hate eachother more.

    But none the less, I can admire someone who really cares about their sport and passion like you do Tyger.
  2. In Topic: Mini vs G4

    07 November 2010 - 03:07 PM

    do not get the g4, the g4 has a terrible problem with bolt stick and dangerous power customer service is awful, so they are not really going to help you if you have the problem. Honestly if I were you I would go used. You can get a dm6 or a dm4 from $160-$250 and they will outshoot anything in that price range. But if your still wanting to buy new look into the invert mini or even a PMR
  3. In Topic: Just My Opinion 6 - Familiarity Breeds Contempt

    20 October 2010 - 07:58 PM

    Great video. I gotta say, I'm a stickler for safety, but everyone screws up occasionally. There's times where my mind has just lapsed for a second and I have to think to myself "barrel sock" or stuff like that, but usually my safety violations are when I'm really thirsty and i'm out I'll tip my mask up just enough so that I can get a bottle of water under there while my eyes are mostly protected. I'm not proud of it, but on really hot days I will do it. Although usually I'm the kind of guy who people hate because I'm so safety orientated. Like I was playing outlaw once without a chronie and one kid didn't have a barrel sock. needless to say I was a little nervous that day. Luckily we had no incedents, but from now on I bring an extra sock and I don't trust people when they say they will bring a chronie. There have even been times when I've been playing outlaw with groups of people and I haven't taken off my mask in between games, simply because I don't trust the people. Once I had players shooting random trees in between games and pointing markers at each other without masks or barrell socks on. Needless to say I never played with them again.

    As for the field I frequent, they never gives me a safety orentation, but thats because all the refs know me (theres only about 4 of them and I play semi-regularly). Although they will give safety orentation to obviously new players.
  4. In Topic: is a dm4 still a good marker?

    10 October 2010 - 07:35 PM

    well I can negotiate price, I'm wondering more about the marker itself than the price. Basically every forum I've gone to has told me the price is bad, I can negotiate price, the question is will this still be a good marker, considering I will be using it as a primary marker.
  5. In Topic: 8-3-10 update

    03 August 2010 - 10:19 PM

    I totally understand man, your job and life in general should definatly come first before us, that's just standard priorities. I guess I really didn't phrase my comment to well, I totally understand why your scaling everything back, just as a fan it's dissapointing. I look foward to whatever you offer in the future, and I wish you luck and your new job.



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