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  1. T9 Longbow Mod to support First Strike

    29 July 2010 - 09:30 AM

    I came up with the idea after buying several First Strike Mags:

    Update the Longbow mag and receiver to allow the use of First Strike Rounds.

    This way if I want to go FS all the way with a Longbow I can. I know the "slide" top of the T9 will have to be modified to allow the FS rounds to pass (just like the barrel had to be modded), however I think that being able to shoot more than 8 first strike rounds at a time without changing magazines would be excellent.
  2. T9 Efficiency with First Strike

    09 April 2010 - 07:38 AM

    This is to give everyone a heads up on the T9 with the First Strike kit:

    You will have diminished efficiency: The First Strike kit comes with a stiffer spring and a different bolt. The bolt requires more pressure to power the round, which required the stiffer spring to return it without damaging the body. This consumes more gas.

    I have a T9 with the longbow kit and the FS kit, and was surprised that I could only get about 17-19 shots out of a 12-ie.

    Per Tiberius Arms this is normal, and you should plan accordingly when out on the field.

    I ran into this issue on my last game, I had 4 shots left in my longbow mag, but no gas to run it. :tup:

    If you want the higher efficiency you will need to change back to the regular bolt and spring.


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