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  1. In Topic: Time for a new CAMO line...

    29 July 2010 - 04:24 PM

    What I'm really curious about is, if during the development of OMNIPAT did they have any versions that were a little greener that they could use as a "new camo line"?

    I've used every pattern they've put out and OMNIPAT is the most versatile and effective I've ever used by far. The actual pattern and how it fades is great for paintball distances. But I have noticed a gap in their offerings. Mainly as a result from moving Utah to Minnesota. My SpecOPS Digi is a little too dark of a green and the OMNIPAT a little too tan. A lot of folks all over are liking CADPAT over some of the traditional military offerings for the same reason. But you can really only find it in BDU’s.

    I know that Spec Ops and MOATI are going through a lot of changes right now but if they bought the “Company” and now have screen printing ability could they just pull up their OMNIPAT image and tweak the colors a little? I think it’s such an effective pattern I think it’s a waste to not run with it!!! Not to mention a new pattern from Spec Ops would be an awesome way to resurrect the spirit of what Special Ops is all about! What do you guys think? Anyone at Spec Ops?


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