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  1. Test done on Paintballs

    02 March 2010 - 09:56 AM

    I just read in another forum about some guy who did test with different paintballs. Turns out he found out what cause paintballs to be so inaccurate. It seems to be the seam line down the middle of the ball that has a slight raised to it causes the inaccuracy. It's more noticeable on cheaper paint. What he did was sand down the seam line to get it as smooth as possible, and when he did that, his shots where right within the target area.

    Here is what he did, and had photos to go along with his test. He set his marker 75' from his target and shot 20 rounds each using 5 different paints. High End paint and Cheap Paint. He did his first round of test without doing anything to the PB's. From his photos you can see the inaccuracy of the cheaper paint. The cheaper paint was all over the place. The next set of test he sanded down the cheaper paintballs seams and what do you know, his shots were just as good as the High End paint. Very close together, tight right into the target area. He even shot better with the cheaper paint than with the high end. I think one of the cheaper paints was JT Tactical. The high end was, Draxxus, Evil, Marblelize.

    I have to try this out, but i will when i get my marker.

    Food for thought
  2. Why can't we use our own paint????

    28 February 2010 - 06:41 PM

    I'm puzzled that most field won't allow you to use your own paint. I know it's a business and they make more money that way, but if most of the paint is not that good, wouldn't it ruin your day playing with bad paint? They should allow you to play with your paint and just charge you extra if you do. That way they still make something.

    Has anyone played on a filed that allows you to use their own paint?

    Btw, what does "SPPL" mean?

  3. Need Help

    24 February 2010 - 02:17 PM

    After going throught the site and also getting help from some members i figured out what kind of paintball we like to play. Since I will be buying a Mil Sim marker, i like to play against other Mil Sim players.

    1. Mil Sim type of paintball. (Only allowed to use Mil Sim markers and magazines.)
    2. Scenario Ball. (Love the fact that you can recreate D-Day.)

    The problem i'm having is finding locations to play in my general area. (NYC, NJ, Penn) I know one member gave me some locations, but they weren't "Mil Sim" or "Scenario Ball". Is there anyone who might know of the best places to play Mil Sim or Scenario Ball?

    I notice they are having an "END WAR" Scenario Ball out in CA in october, but too far for me. I like to be close to home and try to do this every weekend or every other weekend. Getting the gear is the easy part, it's finding a place to play. My buddies and i were thinking about buying a house with a lot of land to it so we can play...lol.

  4. Noob to get back in paintball

    23 February 2010 - 09:35 PM

    I'm a noob to paint balls. Played it way back in the day, maybe 15 years ago, but lost touch with it. Me and my friend would like to get back into it, but i have a couple of questions.

    1. I was thinking about getting a marker: BT TM-15 or a Tippmann. Which do you guys recommend? I don't mind the price of the gun.
    (I like the fact that it has a magazine feeder.)

    2. How do you find the magazine feeders to be?
    (I always hated this big top feeder on my marker.)

    3. Where are there good woodsball/mil-sim areas to play in my area? I live in NYC.

    4. What is the right amount of players to form a team?

    5. How far can markers these days shoot? 50', 200',...?

    Thanks for the help.


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