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  1. DMS Scenario Paintball presents Battle for the Bride, May 14-15

    12 March 2011 - 08:22 PM

    DMS Scenario Paintball Presents:The Battle for the Bride
    A two day scenario paintball event!
    May 14-15, 2011

    Location: DreamCatchers Equine Rescue (about 15 miles south of Colorado Springs)

    Pre-registration is now OPEN!

    $50 per person, $225 for a team of 5($45 for each additional player on the team)!
    Includes CO2 or HPA!

    Pre-purchase paint is $55 a case for Premium grade, $45 for Rec grade!($10 less than at field)

    Pre-registration closes at midnight May 8th!

    Registration at the field is $65 per person, paint will be $65 a case for Premium grade, $55 for Rec grade

    Go to www.dmsscenariopaintball.com for more information, registration, and directions to the field!

    Camping is available (no open fires or glass bottles)! Food vendor will be on site!

    The Brute Squad is led by Evil Prince Humperdink(Don Dubon from Paintball Adventures and general at Red Dawn)
    The Dread Pirates are led by the Dread Pirate Roberts(WEGO from Team Nemesis)

    It is a dark time for the country of Florin. Their beloved king has died and Evil Prince Humperdink has assumed control of the land. Tensions with Gilder are at their highest and war could break out with the slightest cause! Humperdink’s Brute Squad army is prepared for battle, led by the mysterious Man with Six Fingers. Humperdink, a master of evil schemes, has sought a more peaceful end to the feud with Gilder, and arranged marriage with the beautiful Princess Buttercup, heir to Gilder! A marriage to Buttercup would bring peace to the land, and to Humperdink another country to run, once Buttercup and her parents are properly… disposed of!
    Princess Buttercup holds no love for the Evil Prince! Her true-love disappeared while trying to earn enough gold to marry her. Faced with the prospect of a loveless marriage, the Princess goes for a ride on her trusty stead…and disappears, kidnapped by three mysterious strangers.
    Gilder is outraged and threatens immediate war if the Princess is not returned! Humperdink, faced with the threat of all out war, summons a massive search for his unwilling bride, utilizing his entire Brute Squad army! They are hot on the trail of the mystery men and Buttercup, when black sails appear on the horizon! The ships of the Dread Pirate Roberts!
    The Dread Pirate Roberts, feared throughout the land as a brutal and vicious man, has sailed his armada and landed a Pirate army at the frontier of Gilder and Florin! A sworn enemy of Prince Humperdink, Roberts gives his Pirate army the same goal, find the Princess!
    On May 14th and 15th the two armies collide in the forest! Who will rescue the princess? Will Humperdink’s dark plan succeed or will Roberts rescue the Princess and take the Bride for his own? Will you go Pirate or Brute Squad? You determine how the story ends!

    Register today at www.dmsscenariopaintball.com!

    See you all in May,
  2. Buckaroo Banzai vs the World Crime League, October 2&3, CO Springs

    02 September 2010 - 07:30 PM

    DMS Scenario Paintball presents Buckaroo Banzai vs. The World Crime League
    October 2 and 3, 2010
    Just south of Colorado Springs, CO

    In 1984, famed astrophysicist, neurosurgeon, and musician, Buckaroo Banzai, shocked the world when he drove his rocket car through a mountain! This amazing feat was brought to reality through the efforts of Buckaroo and his friend Dr. Hikita and their invention, the Oscillation Overthruster. At the time, the Overthruster allowed Banzai to cross into the 8th Dimension, sparking an interstellar war between Red and Black Lectroids from Planet 10, that occurred right here on Earth! With the destruction of the Red Lectroid vessel, and their leader, the evil John Worphing, Buckaroo saved the planet and returned to tinkering with the Overthruster. Now, 26 years later, Buckaroo Banzai has completed the ultimate feat. His further modifications of the Overthruster have allowed him to cross the ultimate dimension, time itself! However, after his first successful time-travel test, the Overthruster is stolen in a bold attack that results in the death of Dr. Hikita. Now Buckaroo and his Hong Kong Cavaliers must rally the Blue Blazer Regulars to track down the World Crime League and its shadowy leader, Hanoi Xan, the suspected murder of Buckaroo’s own parents!

    With the destruction of its leader, John Worphing, Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems, famed producer of much of today’s military hardware, was purchased by a mysterious Japanese conglomerate. Unknown to most, this conglomerate was owned by the leader of the Japanese Underworld, Hanoi Xan. Xan has used the vast sums of money generated by fat government contracts to fund experimentation in time travel. Frustrated by failures, Xan launches a bold Yakuza style attack and steals Buckaroo Banzai’s Overthruster. Utilizing the Overthruster’s time-travelling abilities, Hanoi Xan travels back in time to gather a gang of the most infamous criminals in American history. With Al Capone, Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, and John Dillinger leading a gang of Red Lectroids, strangely all named John, Hanoi Xan prepares the ultimate crime spree.

    With intelligence from World Watch One, Buckaroo has tracked Xan to her hideout at the Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems factory and the battle to save the world is on again. But, time is running out, as the malfunctioning Overthruster could create a temporal anomaly at any point. Buckaroo must regain control of the Overthruster to repair it and send the crime lords back where they belong. Xan must maintain control of the Overthruster to allow her to fulfill her goal of travelling through time, stealing the world’s stashes of gold bullion, thus disrupting world markets and making her the most powerful figure in the world!

    Amidst this incredible power struggle, the Secretary of Defense stumbles into the fray while investigating the status of the new Truncheon bomber, being designed for the Air Force by Yoyodyne! And a dark figure, has been spotted, slipping through the shadows of Yoyodyne, he has been heard cackling hysterically and speaking with a thick Italian accent.

    The battle for Earth is on! Which side will you choose? Will you join the Blue Blazer Regulars and battle evil, or will join the World Crime League and try to take over the world!

    Registration is now open!

    Registration: $55 for individual, $250 5 man team

    Paint: $65 for comp grade, $55 rec grade...plus save $5 per case when you buy paint at time of online reg

    Air: Included with reg...provided again by Colorsplash!

    Location: Dreamcatchers Equine Rescue, same location as Tombstone

    Camping available starting Thursday night, September 30.

    Go to www.dmsscenariopiantball.com for registration and more info!
    Rowlf - Producer - DMS Scenario Paintball


    Team Captain - The Dead Muppets Squad


    "What we do in life, echoes in eternity!" - Maximus