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  1. Fleece hoodies

    02 August 2010 - 10:17 PM

    All your current gear is very well made and durable but is way too airy for winter or even fall play up here in South Dakota. That being the case, what could be better than a nice warm fleece jacket with a hood (preferably in a good camouflage patter like Multicam) to stave off the cold? What I'm thinking is a full fleece jacket with reinforced nylon shoulders and elbows, adjustable Velcro wrist straps, a zip pocket on the forearm of the sleeves, an ACU type pocket and Velcro patch on the shoulders, and of course a large hood that could accommodate a paintball mask. The reinforcing nylon, and ACU type poch could be in a camo pattern while the fleece could be a solid color that suites the said camo (like Tan and Multicam, or Cyote brown and Marpat) that way you could stay warm and hidden.
  2. bottom feed mag, mod kits

    15 February 2010 - 08:29 PM

    As you know mag fed paint ball markers exist and work quite well, but they're expensive and require you to buy a new marker with new parts that wont be compatible with your current markers parts. my idea is to make a mag well and spring feed stick mags that mount below your marker and connect to the feed tube on the top of your standard marker via a q loader style flexible piece of plastic tubing. you could have it in multiple configurations molding it after famous military firearms such as the M4, AK-47 or H&K MP5 (id buy the AK-47 kit). this would allow people to have the milsim feel of a spring mag bottom loading marker without breaking the bank to buy a brand new one. thoughts comments and ideas are welcome.


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