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  1. OH NOES! Our field closed!

    18 March 2009 - 07:45 PM

    I live in the Tri-Cities area of Washington. Locally, we had one legitimate paintball field and store, Tri-City Paintball. It has now shut down with no date of reopening. It was not the best field and store, but it was the only outlet that we paintballers in the area had. Since outlaw games are not something I feel right about, I virtually have no place to play in my town. I think the closest field near me is about an hour away. There are roughly 200,000 people in the area and I know there is a strong paintball community hiding out there somewhere.

    So I have a few options:

    1.) Mope around and stop playing paintball, leaving my beautiful, barely used marker sitting on the shelf for eternity. I don't think so.

    2.) Drive to the nearest field that is a fair distance away. This is possible, but it would be such a hassle compared to going to the field that was two miles from my house.

    3.) Contact as many fellow ballers in my area and forming a group. Eventually we could possibly start our own field or help start one. I know that making the presence of paintballers in the Tri-Cities area will be essential.

    So for anyone in the area, post a reply and tell me what you think of our situation. Post ideas about what you think we should do and hopefully we can get something started. Also, posting the locations of any fields within an hour's drive would be helpful as well.
    I would hate to see paintball disappear from the area.
  2. Strategy and Tactics

    17 June 2008 - 11:45 AM

    Now, a few team members and I have been having a debate about tactics and strategy. This debate has caused confusion about what exactly the difference between tactics and strategies are.
    Now, some believe that tactics are the plan that is set out by the commander for the team to follow. The "game plan" essentially. They think that tactics are things like the 'strong side' and sorts. And strategy, to them, is a general plan of how tasks within the team are fulfilled.

    I say nay.

    My argument is that tactics are not the game plan. Tactics are the small, but important, details of how the team functions. Say a squad of four is moving upfield. The squad comes into contact and the formation of the squad changes to eliminate the opponents. The squad then reaches the opposition's base and takes the flag. The squad is using tactics. The changes of formation and the manner in which the squad moves and eliminates opponents is tactical.
    Strategy is the overall implementation of tactics. While said squad is moving up the field, the main attacking force is in the west end of the field fighting the opposition's attack force. The defense has stayed behind to keep enemy squads from capturing the flag. The strategy is the overall movement of troops to win the objective.

    What say you?



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