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  1. In Topic: Easy Hopper Silencing

    10 February 2010 - 10:19 AM

    I dont have any pictures but i'll try and get some on here later if I remember. That means I have to take my hopper apart again. To be honest though the hopper now just has a glossy black interior instead of the dull plastic black. I dont think pictures will do you any good.

    and cdrinkh...it couldnt hurt to add something back there. Depending on how much grip you're looking for you could do a few things. The cabinet insulation is a good idea but i doubt it would hold up over time. If you want something really sticky go down to the local skate shop and pick up some Grip Tape (thats the stuff they put on top of skateboards) You can even get it already in a camo pattern. This stuff is also meant to last, and can take some serious abuse. Also non-skid is a similiar product you can get from home depot or any other hardware store. Note though, this stuff is essentially sandpaper and will ruin your clothes eventually. If I were you I would just practice maintaining positive control of your weapon though.
  2. In Topic: Easy Hopper Silencing

    06 February 2010 - 03:33 PM

    Yeah I toyed back and forth with the felt thing and eventually decided against it. I just never really felt like going to the store and getting the fabric and then going through the pain in cutting it into the proper shapes. Then glueing it and hoping the glue lasts. Felt also has a tendency to shed and I dont want little hairs getting into my marker. Im not saying felt is a bad idea, I just decided to try an alternative. Felt will definitely silence the hopper alot better, but I think liquid tape is a pretty good alternative if you have any hesitancy towards using felt.
  3. In Topic: First ever ALL MAGAZINE FED Scenario game

    28 January 2010 - 11:56 AM

    **Change of plans, I will be at Sequoia Paintball in Aptos this weekend thanks to the recommendation of Mighty Mike.**

    Cancel that, they dont allow outside paint and I have almost 2 cases I need to burn through, so I will be up at Los Gatos this weekend.
  4. In Topic: I Need a Team

    28 January 2010 - 11:49 AM

    awesome, Im going to have to look into that. Might end up there this weekend instead of Los Gatos Pursuit. Thanks Mike.
  5. In Topic: First ever ALL MAGAZINE FED Scenario game

    27 January 2010 - 11:30 PM

    Also I will be up at Pursuit Paintball in Los Gatos, about 15 minutes north of santa cruz, this upcoming weekend on the 31st. Be there about 9:45, you can bring your own paint but no red or pink allowed. They fill hpa and co2. Camo should be dark if you care, ghillie unnecessary. Wear boots or cleats if you got em, with all the rain we've been getting it will probably be slippery there. Take 17north up to the Bear Creek Rd. exit (exit sign is broke in half), follow bear creek rd. for about 4 miles and you'll see a highway 31(i think it was 31, its 30 something) sign right before a good size intersection. Follow the small dirt road on the far side of the intersection, there will be a paintball sign on the far left side of the intersection, but you will actually making a right turn down a dirt road. Google it if these directions are as crappy for you as they seem to me lol, I've been drinkin a little bit this evening. I'll be there with my little blond wife, driving her silver pontiac, she has a spyder mr1 (I opted for cheap gear for her since she isnt that serious about paintballing), and I have a custom a5 with a camo/scaled paint scheme. I'll probably be the only guy on the field with a remote line running out of a camelback.


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