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  1. In Topic: I need help guys...

    12 December 2009 - 07:28 AM

    View Post5N1P3R, on Dec 9 2009, 04:09 PM, said:

    What to do? :(

    New to the forum, nothing new to paintball.

    I don't know about you dude, but first I'd find out what type of game you want to play: speedball or woodsball. Then, once you decide, you have to determine what type of kit/marker is going to maximize your effectiveness while playing. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm a scenario/woodsball junkie, but when I go out and play against these guys with A-5 SAW kits (i.e. markers weighing 15 lbs., with 20 lbs. strapped to themselves) I have to laugh. Yeah, you look sh*t hot, but that speedball kid with the Mini is going to bunker your ass fast.

    I'm not trying to plug my team here, but we have a strategy: if it isn't effective or hinders your ability to dominate your enemy - dump it.

    So based on what I've heard about your setup:

    Do you really want to play speedball with a Longbow? Doesn't that limit you to only about 20 rounds? You know it and I know it: Speedball is a game of dumping massive amounts of paint in the vicinity of your opponent. For the vets, maybe they are court snipers, but every kiddie park I go to you got players walking into the locker rooms with 3 cases of paint for 3 hours play (I play 36 hour scenarios on 3000 rounds), its about the spray. So that Longbow kit you KNOW isn't going to cut it out there, so why face the disappointment?! Do what the guy up there said and get a speedball marker; there is a reason people play speedball with those markers - because NOTHING else cuts it on those courts. You have to shoot fast and light. If you want individualism in your marker, get some really nice anodizing with your name on it or something, but don't by mods that will sour your ability to win.

    As for your woodsball setup, drop all the mods. Snipers don't exist in paintball, just because your marker has scopes and all those tactic mods, doesn't mean I cannot hit you at the same range as an assault gunner. Drop the weight and invest in some REALLY good camo if you want to do the hunter thing. Personally, I try to keep it light as possible to keep mobility up, and in paintball even snipers need mobility; because you cannot essentially "reach out and touch someone" you have to danger yourself to your enemy's range to get your kill, knowing this means ambushing via stealth and quickness and then getting the f*ck out of there before reinforcements come and saturate your area - I've rarely been assaulted by someone hunkering low who we've not successfully wedged out. There is equipment out there that is actually practical and not expensive and ineffective - I see too much of that within the woodsball community (the milsim guys).

    Hope this helps.


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