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  1. Blue Angel Speed 06

    14 November 2009 - 05:19 PM

    have a new angel speed 06 and i want to get rid of it.
    The gun has had about 9 cases shot through it, works great except for a few problems with the eyes. The feedneck recently broke off but I fixed it with JB WELD epoxy, i then sanded it down and matched the color to the color of the gun, it looks like nothings wrong. The gun had no scratches whatsoever!!!!
    batteries recently changed and gun was cleaned and oiled by certified angel techs. The bolt is a new aftermarket pillow bolt, with a pink concave pillow. New ASA, with a new line. The Gun has a $200 orbium 1 barrel kit for it. A Nitro Duck recently hydroed tank, a 56 4500, with dye rhino cover. No scratches or dents anywhere on the tank. I also have a reloader B with a new speedfeed on top of it internals clean, and a new cone and rip drive.

    Bottom Line
    -Gun- $275
    -Barrel Kit- $200
    -Tank- $75
    -Hopper- $50
  2. Tippmann A-5 w/ E-Grip + other ups

    14 November 2009 - 12:06 PM

    I have a Tippmann A-5 that I am willing to sell.
    I am buying the new X7 Phenom.
    The Gun has on it.
    1. New bolt $35
    2. H.E. Selector switch E-grip $ 95
    3. Stock barrel with MilSim silencer
    4. Upgraded internals, such as ratchet, paddles and cyclone system $ 80
    5. Rap 4 M16 barrel $ 40
    6. Smart Parts Linear Barrel $45
    7.MP5 Kit. Includes, Folding stock, Magazine, and MilSim silencer $100
    I will let the gun go for $500, and i will include the shipping

    The gun is in immaculate condition, has had about 7 cases of paint shot through it, no problems, no scratches at all!
  3. Rocket Pouch

    10 November 2009 - 05:45 PM

    Just your basic pouch for holding all those rockets. Can carry up to 25 rockets at once, put on a sling. My design is pretty simple, but it hasn't been used before, and rocket launchers have been seen more and more on the battlefield today.
  4. New Assault Vest Ideas

    10 November 2009 - 05:37 PM

    The idea of this vest came to me when i was out of paint while unloading on a bunker...

    -Vest Structure-
    Zip up front, with shoulder and ribcage padding
    Padded back with small attatchable Camelbak

    -Front Vest Features-
    2 utility pockets on bottom left and right for miscellaneous items
    Top left pocket for radio
    Top right pocket for identification
    4 Hooks in the middle for holding grenades, and smoke
    Zip up vertical pouches for maps and charts

    -Back Vest Features-
    A 6ct. pod pack, with up to a 92oz. tank holder
    Camelbak water supply
    Insertable I.R. Strobe pocket


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